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Dominique Capraro and Michelle Phan were first spotted together in a Paris cafe. They began dating in 2010, and the couple has not had any previous relationship controversies. In a YouTube video, Phan described their reunion and their kiss under the Eiffel Tower. The two then moved to Los Angeles to be closer to their family and work. Since then, they have been closely involved in various projects and events.

Dominique Capraro and Michelle Phan met at a restaurant in Paris, France, and were soon engaged. In a video released in 2014, the two revealed that they had a chance meeting. While trying to order food at a restaurant, Phan couldn’t understand the menu and Capraro helped her. It was love at first sight! They soon exchanged numbers and began a long distance relationship. Then, in 2011, they were finally reunited in Paris, where they shared their first kiss under the Eiffel Tower. Despite being engaged, they didn’t marry straight away and didn’t share any details about their relationship. However, they’ve made no secret of their romance, and are still friends.

According to her personal Instagram, the pair met in a cafe in Paris. The two were a perfect fit. They lived together for a short time, and were inseparable. But after Phan took a break from the internet in 2015, she reconnected with Capraro. Although the two didn’t have a long-term relationship, they remained friends throughout their relationship.

In 2011, they continued to see each other at restaurants and even went out to have lunch. The two struck up a conversation and exchanged contact information. Later, they started a long-distance relationship. In 2016, the two met again in Paris and had their first kiss under the Eiffel Tower. While they did not get married straight away, they did have a public wedding in the fall of 2017.

The couple was introduced to one another in a Paris café in 2010. At that time, they were both out exploring Paris after work. They decided to try a “real” Parisian cafe because it was their first time there. They were unable to read each other’s language. After a while, the two became friends and then began dating. They remained inseparable for about two years until their split in 2017.

After being friends online for a few years, the two began dating in the early 2010s. Then, the pair met in Paris and got close. They shared their first kiss under the Eiffel Tower. While the couple did not get married straight away, they still managed to keep their relationship public. It seems that they were not just friends but also lovers. But they have a very public connection. That’s why they’ve appeared in several videos together.

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