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In 2023, Mike Epps net worth has a total of $6 million. He earned this money from the movies and comedy shows he has been a part of. In addition to that, he also makes a lot of money from the brands he works with, which increases his overall wealth.

Mike Epps Early Life

Mike Epps net worth was born in Indianapolis, Indiana, on November 18th, 1970. His mom’s name is Mary Reed and his dad’s name is Tommy Epps. He was encouraged to be funny when he was young. Epps started doing stand-up comedy when he was a teenager. 

Epps left his old city and went to Atlanta. He got a job at the Comedy Act Theater. His family ended up moving to an island called Roosevelt in New York.

In 1994, Epps went to live in Brooklyn, New York, to be in a funny TV show called ‘Def Jam Comedy’ that was shown on HBO.

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Mike Epps Net Worth

Mike Epps Career

As I said before, Mike Epps started his career when he was young. He had a job at the Comedy Act Theatre in Atlanta. He first acted in a movie called ‘Strays’ (1997), which was directed by Vin Diesel. After that, he was chosen to act alongside Ice Cube in the movie Next Friday (1999), which is the second film in the series called ‘Friday. He got a chance to audition for the part of Day-Day Jones because Ice Cube saw his stand-up show and asked him to try out for the role.

The first movie Vin Diesel directed, called ‘Strays, helped make him very famous. In 2000, Mike was in a movie called ‘The Bait’ with Jamie Foxx. He also acted in the movie ‘3 Strikes’ in the same year.

Dolittle 2’In 2002, Mike’s acting career was going well, and he starred in a movie called ‘All About the Benjamin. with Ice Cube.

In 2005, Mike Epps played the character Ed Norton in the funny movie called ‘The Honeymooners. The movie helped him become famous for his acting and comedy.In 2008, Epps had a lot of success.

In 2009, he acted as Black Doug in the funny movie ‘The Hangover,  which helped him become a better actor. He became well-known for his role as a drug kingpin in the movie Sparkle.The rap artist was chosen as the Super Bowl Ambassador for the 2021 Super Bowl. He appeared in a lot of TV ads promoting the event, which helped the film producer make more money. The comedy theatre he performs at is responsible for the stand-up comedian’s success. He was ranked highly on the comedy album charts, making him one of the most well-known comedians in the industry.

Mike Epps Music Career 

In October 2009, Mike Epps released an album called ‘Funny Bidness. Da Album. Young Dro, Slim Thug, Too Short, DJ Quik, Flo Rida, Snoop Dogg, and Young Jeezy all have songs on the 98th position on the US Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart. 

It was the 9th-best comedy album on the chart. He has worked on many songs and projects with other artists, such as French Montana’s mixtape ‘Mac Wit Da Cheese. in 2009 Dom Kennedy’s song Intro/Hard Work, and he also performed stand-up comedy in Under Rate.

Mike Epps Legal Issues

Mike Epps net worth is said to have attacked another comedian named LaVar Walker outside a comedy club in Atlanta, Georgia, on June 1, 2014. According to reports, Epps and two of his bodyguards approached Walker because Walker had made a funny video mocking Epps and Kevin Hart. Epps allegedly hit Walker in the face and kicked him in the stomach and back. One of the other two men at the place is said to have thrown Walker’s cell phone and broken the glasses that he needs for his eyesight. The Atlanta police issued a document to arrest Epps on June 3, 2014, two days after the incident. In 2017, Epps got arrested in New Orleans for hitting someone’s face several times during an argument at a casino. In 2017, he wrote on Instagram about his past. He talked about how he went to jail for two years in Chicago in 1989 because of drugs.

Mike Epps Personal Life

Mike Epps Net Worth

Mike Epps is married to Mechelle Epps, and they have four kids. The couple decided to get a divorce in 2016, but then they resolved their problems and got back together. Epps has been in the news because of some legal problems.

Mike Epps Height and Weight

Mike Epps is very tall. He measures 187 cm, which is the same as 6 feet 1 inch. Mike Epps weighs about 80 kg, which is equal to 176 lbs, and he has a healthy and balanced body. This weight is considered appropriate for his height, which improves how he looks and performs on stage.

Mike Epps Cars

Mike Epps has a collection of both old and new cars. According to a news report, while he was staying at home due to the quarantine, he bought four cars. He has a 2013 Rolls Royce Ghost, a 32 Ford T-Bucket, and some others.

Mike Epps Awards

Mike Elliot Epps has achieved a lot in his career, which has helped him earn a lot of money. Mike has received many awards for showing his amazing acting talents in movies. He won the Gotham Award for his movie ‘Talk to Me. in 2007. In 2012, Mike received an award called the Image Award for being a really good actor in the movie called ‘Jumping the Broom. The comedian from America, Mike Epps, got nominated for the BET Comedy Award and the Black Reel Awards.

Mike Epps Real Estate

Mike Epps is a businessperson who has put money into buying and selling properties. He has a few buildings or land in different places in the United States.

Mike Epps has several houses in Encino. Actually, he sold the house where he used to live with his spouse last year for $3.5 million


Overall, Mike Epps is a really good comedian, actor, and film producer who has done well in his career. He has been in many movies and TV shows and has made many funny albums. Right now, Mike Epps has about 6 million dollars, and he earns about 1 million dollars each year. Besides that, He is a devoted and engaged father who is dedicated to having a positive impact on his children’s lives. Finally, let us know in the comments which Mike’s movie you like the most.

Mike Epps is doing really well in his acting career and performing in different places around the world. He is one of the funniest comedians who has a lot of people who like him on social media. 

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