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mike piazza rookie card value

If you want to get the most value from your Mike Piazza rookie card, you need to know the condition of the card. Most rookie cards are dirt cheap, but you should be aware that a few hundred dollars might not be enough to buy a Gem Mint graded example. Even if you can get a copy for a few bucks, you probably won’t get very much. Some of the best examples are available on eBay for a few dollars.

A 1992 Donruss Rookie Phenom Mike Piazza rookie card is a good example. This sports card features the Hall of Fame infielder running the bases. This is one of the few Piazza cards with the same design, and it sells for less than $15 ungraded. The encapsulated version might go for a few dollars more. However, this is still an excellent option for a collector looking to get a higher value for a vintage Piazza card.

A Piazza rookie card has a unique look. The card is surrounded by a cardboard cutout of Tommy Lasorda playing a towel holder. In addition to the posed photo, this card shows a very detailed look at the player’s health regimen and attention to nutrition. This card is worth a few dollars, but it’s not the cheapest way to get a Piazza baseball. It’s best to purchase a card that is in excellent condition if you want to collect a great baseball legend.

A 1992 Donruss Phenoms card featuring Mike Piazza jogging on the bases is also a good option. This is the first card of the Hall of Famer in the Donruss set. It sells for under $15 ungraded and a few dollars more when encapsulated. The Bowman Mike Piazza rookie card is the most iconic and can command a higher value.

A 1992 Donruss Phenoms card shows Mike Piazza after connecting with the ball. The card’s unique design includes a full sidebar on the right side of the card and a gradient color scheme. It is the most valuable card in the entire set and holds more value than a Bowman card. If you’re lucky, you might even find a rarer one of this legendary player in your collection.

The 1992 Donruss Phenoms card features a picture of the Hall of Famer running the bases. This card was randomly placed in packs and has a high value ungraded, but can be found for under $15 in encapsulated condition. If you’re looking for the highest value Mike Piazza rookie card, make sure to check the condition and encapsulation of your card.

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