Essentials Every Restaurant Business Needs

Although every restaurant is unique and may require specific equipment, there are certain items that every food establishment needs to operate optimally. These items include kitchen gear, dining accessories, and customer service tools.

Whether you are currently in the process of setting up a new restaurant or improving your existing establishment, it’s important to make sure you’ve got all of the essential equipment you need to serve delicious food, ensure a positive customer experience, and maintain a clean environment.

Below, we’ve got a commercial kitchen equipment guide that covers all of the essentials you need to have in your restaurant for maximum success.

Dinnerware, Cutlery, and Glasses

Regardless of the type of food you serve in your restaurant, you will need a hefty supply of plates, bowls, knives, forks, spoons, and glasses. If you serve hot drinks like tea and coffee, you’ll also need mugs, and if you have a bar in your restaurant, a shot glass, wine glass, and pint glass collection is necessary to serve alcoholic beverages.

With adequate amounts of dinnerware, cutlery, and glasses, you can ensure a constant supply of clean items to serve your food and freshly cleaned cutlery for your customers to use. This will contribute to improved customer satisfaction and a trustworthy business reputation, both of which are essential for restaurant success.

Fridges and Freezers

You’ll need a number of fridges and freezers to store fresh and frozen ingredients in your kitchen. Having storage space for perishable and frozen goods that require storage at low temperatures ensures that you never run out of ingredients for your dishes. It also ensures that you comply with legal food safety regulations by allowing you to store ingredients at the correct temperatures.

Depending on the amount of room you have in your kitchen and the volume of ingredients you require to keep up with customer demands, you may need to buy several fridges and freezers or may get away with just a couple of combined fridge freezers.


Ovens are necessary to cook various ingredients to perfection, including meat, burgers, vegetables, pastries, breads, and baked desserts. You can bake, grill, and roast ingredients using an oven, which helps to diversify the dishes you can provide to your customers.

Consider phrasing fan ovens that cook foods more quickly than those without a fan due to promoting more effective heat convection. You may also wish to install a stone pizza oven to offer fresh and crispy pizzas on your restaurant menu.

Depending on the volume of dishes you produce each day in your restaurant, you may require several ovens in your kitchen. Consider buying ovens with various settings or presets that enable you to cook various ingredients in different ways.

Cleaning Equipment and Supplies

Maintaining a clean and hygienic environment is essential for any restaurant. Not only does doing so ensure that you comply with legal health and safety regulations, but it also keeps your customers safe and healthy.

Essential cleaning supplies for your restraint include large pieces of equipment, smaller cleaning tools, and disinfectant solutions. Here’s a quick list of the things you’ll need to keep your restaurant clean and free of pathogenic microorganisms:

  • Sinks with a hot water supply and washing up liquid to wash dirty dishes and cutlery
  • Dishwashers and dishwasher tablets to support the manual washing of dirty dinnerware
  • Glasswashers to automate the glass-washing process
  • Hand soap and paper towels for kitchen and floor staff to wash their hands regularly throughout the day
  • A mop, bucket, and sweeping brush to keep the floors clean and tidy
  • Sanitising sprays, disinfectants, and cloths to clean the kitchen worktops and chopping boards after use

Whether you expect your in-house staff to thoroughly clean the kitchen or you choose to outsource the cleaning tasks to a third-party company, it’s important to maintain a regular and consistent cleaning schedule in your restaurant. Make sure all staff members are aware of the food safety and food hygiene protocols so they can maintain a safe and clean food preparation environment.

Food Preparation Equipment

Food preparation equipment is essential for obvious reasons. It’s necessary to have adequate food prep tools in your kitchen to allow your staff to prepare various ingredients and build the dishes on your menu.

Consider getting food processors, blenders, sharp knives, chopping boards, whisks, peelers, grates, and measuring cups to allow for precise food preparation to create presentable dishes for your customers.

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