Miko Worldwide Net Worth

Miko Worldwide is a YouTube personality with a net worth of $150,886. He has over 200,000 subscribers and receives millions of views on YouTube. The average video he uploads generates $285 in revenue. While his surname is not publicly known, he is a member of LinkedIn and has yet to disclose his real last name. After he was arrested, Miko has been the victim of cyber harassment and has denied sexual abuse allegations. However, he has not given up and is planning a strong YouTube comeback. The video series he has uploaded to YouTube is called “Wrongfully Arrested and Extradited,” and he has already released two parts of the series.

The controversial YouTuber Miko Worldwide’s net worth has been affected by a scandal that led the United States to alert the Columbian government of his alleged illicit activities. Miko has been accused of sexually abusing a minor and supplying drugs. He reportedly shackled the minor’s arms and feet before pushing her into his car trunk. This is still an ongoing case, but his net worth may not be high enough to cover all the legal issues.

The video star’s income is derived from her streaming career. She used to stream under a different name, but began using the CodeMiko concept in 2019. She had a modest audience and saw huge increases in her followers and live viewers after a few clips went viral on Reddit. At present, Miko has 802k followers and averages two to four thousand viewers per video. She also hosts interviews and uploads highlights of her Twitch live streams.

While Miko Worldwide’s net worth is not publicly available, his popularity has grown dramatically since he started posting videos on the popular Youtube platform. Miko Worldwide’s YouTube recordings have countless perspectives, and his videos have become a staple of the online video space. While he continues to travel throughout Latin America, he was recently imprisoned in Columbia on charges of molesting a young boy. The prison sentence will be used to help Miko Worldwide’s legal battle with the Columbian government.

The Miko Worldwide net worth is unknown as he is not listed on Wikipedia and Linkedin. He has been running his YouTube channel for over 90 days and has close to fifty percent of 1,000,000 followers. He has not revealed his last name, but he has received verbal abuse and online harassment. His name is unknown, however, as Miko is the sole founder of the Miko Worldwide LLC. If he is an actual person, he is probably worth a couple of hundred thousand dollars.

CodeMiko’s net worth is estimated to be $1 million by the year 2021. A popular VTuber, CodeMiko plans to develop his own RPG soon. He streams exclusively to his Twitch account by the same name. He posts videos to his YouTube channel two or three times a month and edited highlights of his Twitch streams. The coder is also active on Twitter and has a website dedicated to his YouTube channel.