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Has Natalia Dyer been anorexic? This question has been on the minds of many people. Although Natalia Dyer has never been diagnosed with anorexia, her weight and look have been the topic of much controversy. Despite her lack of anorexia, Natalia Dyer has been scrutinized by the media. Her puffed-up cheeks have made her seem much heavier than she is. Nevertheless, there are still many questions that remain unanswered.

Popular Appearance 

Although she has been credited for her role in Stranger Things, Dyer has appeared in numerous adult films and pornos. Before her role on Stranger Things, she appeared in Hannah Montana: The Movie. Dyer also appeared in several adult movies, including The Greening of Whitney Brown. While she is a rising star in the entertainment industry, Dyer has been diagnosed with anorexia.

Her Skinny Features shocked People 

While Natalia McLaughlin has been accused of anorexia, this was a long time ago, before the filming began. If she had been diagnosed during filming, she would have been unable to work for significant periods of time. In addition, Natalia McLaughlin’s appearance was scrutinized so intensely that many people were shocked when she denied she was anorexic.

Considerable Weight loss 

It is unclear whether Dyer was anorexic years ago, but the recent images have resurfaced in the public. While she appears to have lost a considerable amount of weight since her diagnosis, Dyer was a much larger and heavier woman than she is now. Her weight loss story is a controversial one as the actress has often been accused of being overweight and fragile. However, there have been no substantiated reports.

Young Actress

The Natalia Dyer show has earned her many critical roles, including the main protagonist, Eleven. As the young actress has been working hard toward stardom, her career has been taking off. In spite of her small size, her thin skin and thin figure has led to many questions about her eating habits. Currently, Natalia Dyer weighs 48kg (106 pounds) and stands at a height of five feet four inches.

Denied Accusations

It is unclear if Natalia Dyer suffers from anorexia, as she has been working in the entertainment industry for several years. But she has denied the accusations, and her weight has steadily dropped since she was last seen. As a child, she started acting in community theater and later attended NYU’s Gallatin School of Individualized Study. She has also had a number of minor roles in various TV series.

Not Anorexic

Although Natalia Dyer has never officially confirmed being anorexic, she has been thin for six years and has lost more than a kilogram (11 pounds) in weight. The news of her weight loss has concerned her fans. She was always in great shape, but now she is only 48 kilograms, which is an unnatural amount for someone her height. Therefore, it is no surprise that some people are afraid that Dyer is anorexic.


Despite the controversy surrounding her weight, she has never denied her commitment to acting and maintains an amazing figure. Rather than being anorexic, she prefers to work out. She loves to hit the gym and incorporates yoga into her routine. Her workout routine consists of three parts. The first part of her routine is the gym, while the second part focuses on her daily yoga practice. In addition to that, she has a diet plan that she uses.

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