Net Worth

Nicki Smith

New Relationship 

After dating for a few years, Nicki Smith is back in the public eye. She recently stepped out in public with her new boyfriend, Steven Johnson. The two were recently spotted watching a football game together. But before they started dating again, they were married. In the year 2022, Nicki and Steven separated. Now, the two have moved on to new relationships.

Never Disclosed Personal Details

Nicki Smith has never disclosed her career details, including how much she earns and her total assets. BSO, however, was quick to tell the world about her new man, Steven Johnson. Although he is a schoolmate of Smith’s, he was married to Sonya for a long time. This is probably why he has remained out of the limelight. While we may never know the full extent of his fortune, we do know that his salary will be substantial.

A Mysterious Woman

Dell Curry’s father and NBA star Stephen Curry have also been linked to Smith. They fought for years before getting a divorce in 2021. Nicki Smith’s salary and net worth have not been released to the public, so we can only speculate that she is wealthy. Despite these rumors, she has kept a low profile and is still living the life of luxury. Nonetheless, she is still a very mysterious woman.

Her Career

Nicki Smith was born on April 7, 1994, in the United Kingdom. She plays prop forward for the Ospreys regional team. She has previously played for Swansea and Aberavon RFC. She has a Taurus star sign and will start for Wales against Italy on February 5, 2017.

Recent Appearance

Smith’s boyfriend Dell Curry is in a relationship with Nicki Smith. He was recently seen at a basketball game with Nicki. His girlfriend, Sonya Curry, is not happy with the choice. In the past, they have argued and filed for a legal separation. However, Sonya Curry has not given up and has been blaming her husband for his decision. She was also spotted with Nicki Smith at a game in 2022. It led to a lot of jokes on the internet.

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