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Patti Labelle Net Worth;Life,Career,Height,Weight,Social Media,Awards,Nationality 

Patti LaBelle is a famous singer, actress, and businesswoman.Patti LaBelle net worth has made a huge amount of money totaling $60 million. Patti LaBelle gained popularity with her group, Patti LaBelle and the Blue Belles. Later, she achieved a lot of success by doing things independently such as creating music and appearing in films and television programs.

Patti LaBelle is a rich woman because she is a famous singer from America who has done very well in her career.

Patti Labelle Early Life

The well-known singer was born with the name Patricia Loise Holte in a place called Southwest Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on May 24, 1944. Her dad, Henry, worked at a club and on a railroad, and her mom, Bertha, took care of the house. Patti is the fourth child out of five siblings, and she is the second youngest.

Patti had a tough time when she was young, but despite that, she was always a happy and positive child. Things got worse when her parents finally separated and decided they couldn’t handle their harmful relationship anymore. Patti lost the safety of her family and she also became a victim of abuse.

The singer had a really bad and upsetting experience that kept bothering her even after she became very famous. Patti will write a book about a very difficult time in her early life.

Patti Labelle Career beginning

Patti LaBelle net worth began singing when she was ten years old. She became a member of the church choir at Beulah Baptist Church and performed her first solo with the choir only two years later. At the age of sixteen, while attending John Bartram High School, she won the talent competition held by the school. After she became the winner, she formed a singing group in 1960 with her classmates named the Ordettes. The band became well-known in their local area, and they were given an opportunity to try out for Harold Robinson, who owns a record company nearby. After they all said yes, Robinson told the group to make a recording and use the name Blue Belles. Afterwards, the group made a decision to name themselves Patti LaBelle and The Blue Belles. In 1963, they had their first hit song called “Down the Aisle. ” LaBelle’s pretty musical experiences are more than just stories; they are magnificent tales. Starting from when she was in Patti LaBelle and the Bluebelles, she became very popular and caught everyone’s attention. But then she transformed into LaBelle and released a famous song. 

Patti Labelle Career

In 1974, the group became very well-known around the world with their most-liked song Lady Marmalade. This song was very popular and sold a lot of copies, so it received a gold certification from the RIAA. In the mid-1970s, the Labelle group was doing really well. They signed contracts with both RCA and Epic Records. They continued to create and put out high-quality studio albums.

In 1977, Patti Labelle signed a deal with Epic Records and released her first album called ‘Patti Labelle.  Patti earned a lot of money and gained many supporters because of her music projects. She made money by acting in movies and TV shows.She started acting in movies in 1984. Her first movie was a drama called A Soldier’s Story. During the 1980s and 1990s, the singer who was very talented mainly performed on TV shows like Working, Unnatural Causes, and Fire and Rain, among others.

Patti became very successful and got her own TV show called The Patti Labelle Show. The TV show began in November 1985. It featured well-known individuals like Cyndi Lauper, Bill Cosby, and Luther Vandross. In 1990, Patti began acting in a TV show called A Different World while also making new music and traveling around the world. She was also in other TV shows like Out All Night, The Nanny, and Cosby.

Patti Labelle is successful because she is really good at both acting and singing. She has a special voice, which is why her albums have made a lot of money. She has also started several businesses that have made her richer overall.Labelle has made eighteen albums since she began her career in 1977. And participated as a competitor on the 20th season of the reality TV competition show Dancing with the Stars in 2015. Her latest music collection is called Bel Hommage and it became available to the public in May 2017.

Besides being recognized in various Hall of Fames, the Godmother of Soul has also earned seven Image Awards and two Grammy Awards. She is famous and admired in the music and entertainment business. Also, because she is a great actor, she has been chosen as a potential winner of two Emmy Awards.

Patti Labelle Personal life

In 1969, LaBelle got married to Armstead Edwards, who had been her friend for a long time. He became the person in charge of her career when she started to work alone. They broke up in the late 1990s and officially ended their marriage in 2003. They have a son named Zuri Kye Edwards (born in 1973), who is now her manager.

Patti Labelle Height And Weight

She is 165 cm (5 feet 5 inches) tall and appears confident and full of energy when performing on stage. She is 54 kilograms or 119 pounds. However, Patti has always felt positive about her body and has been a strong advocate for body acceptance throughout her career. But it’s important to keep in mind that your weight can change and be different based on what you eat and how much you exercise.

Patti Labelle Patti LaBelle Social Media 

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Patti Labelle Achievement and Awards

In 1986, the NAACP Image Award was won by an entertainer for their outstanding work.

The 1992 NAACP Image Award was a ceremony where the NAACP gave recognition to people who had made significant contributions in the fields of movies, television, music, and literature.

The TV show ‘The Essence Awards’ won the NAACP Image Award in 1996 for being the best variety series or special.

In 1998, the NAACP Image Award was given to the show called Live. One Night Only.

In 1999, Live. One Night Only won the Grammy Award for Best Traditional R&B Performance.

In 1996, the Soul Train Music Award was given to recognize someone’s long and successful career in the music industry.

In 1998, the Triumphant Spirit Award was given for Career Achievement.

Lena Horne received the Lady of Soul Lifetime Achievement Award in 2001.

In 2003, Sammy Cahn received a special award called the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Songwriter’s Hall of Fame.

In 2007,  received the World Music Award for the Legend Award.

The Apollo Theater created a Hall of Fame for famous people in 2009.

The 2016 BET Honors gave a special award for musical arts.

In 2022, a Walk of Fame for Black music and entertainment will be created to honor its enduring impact and contributions.

Patti LaBelle Nationality 

Patti LaBelle net worth is a well-known singer and actress from America.The country that a person belongs to is something that person can bring honor to by being very good at their job. If someone becomes famous, their nationality will also be noticed alongside their name. It’s natural to be curious about where your favorite celebrities or stars come from.


Patti Labelle is considered one of the best artists ever. The singer has been successful for more than seventy years and still maintains her reputation. When she was 70 years old, she participated in some competitions like Dancing with the Stars and The Masked Singer.

She recently started a new business where she sells her own brand of bedding, cookbooks, and food. In 2015, she made her own product called Patti’s Sweet Potato Pie. It was only sold in Walmart and sold out within 3 days.

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