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The mystery of Phora’s girlfriend is as old as the internet. The rapper has dated various people in the past and the details of their relationships can be varied. The latest reports indicate that the singer dated a model named Destiny Blakely. Her social media accounts skyrocketed, and she was even beside Phora when he was shot by a Caliber Pistol in 2011. While there is no solid information regarding her romantic life, the rumors of her dating a famous model have been flying around for a while.

Phora’s love life began when he was young. He was inspired to pursue his passion for music by his father, who influenced him to follow his dream. At the age of 14, he loved to listen to songs by Kendrick Lamar, Logic, and J. Cole. He went to Gilbert High School, but it’s unclear how much higher education he earned. He is currently single and not in a relationship. His relationship with Destiny Blakely ended in divorce.

After a brief separation from Destiny, Phora is currently single with no girlfriend. She is extremely active on social media and has a few pages on Instagram. It is not clear what her relationship status is. As of 2017, she has been single and has never been married. She had a short-lived relationship with Destiny Blakely, but she hasn’t given details about it. However, it’s still unclear whether she is still dating Destiny.

Despite a long-lasting relationship with Destiny Blakely, Phora has not revealed any information about her love life. In fact, she’s not in a relationship yet. Although Phora has been in several relationships before, she has never disclosed her relationships. She is also not very active on social media and doesn’t have any kids. But, we can speculate on the future. The mystery surrounding Phora’s love life has yet to be solved.

Despite his rap career, the rapper is still single and doesn’t have a girlfriend. He’s a popular figure on Instagram and has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million. Despite being single, he’s not married. He is currently in a relationship with Destiny Blakely, but hasn’t been publicly disclosed on social media. It’s unclear if this is a real relationship between the two.

The rapper is single in 2021 and doesn’t have a girlfriend. His social media accounts are mostly devoted to family and friends. The singer has no children, but the couple has been in a relationship. The two are a couple since December 2011 and do not have any children of their own. While Phora is single and doesn’t have a girlfriend, his relationship with Destiny Blakely has been quite public.

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