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Pietro Lombardi Net Worth

ESTIMATED VALUE 2.5Million Euros
ESTIMATED INCOME of 2020 2Million Euros
Win at DSDS 2011 500000
Date of birth 9 June 1992 (age 28)
Born in Karlsruhe, Germany
Nationality Germany
Marital status in a relationship with Laura Maria (since 2020)
Job Singer, TV personality
Children 1 (Alessio)

How much money does Pietro Lombardi have?

Sarah Lombardi is arguably the main reason why Pietro Lombardi has made headlines so often in recent years. After all, after a good 3.5 years of marriage, the relationship between the two did not end well. In the meantime, however, the former DSDS singer Pietro has proven on TV that he has his finances under control on his own. After all, Pietro Lombardi wiki has an estimated net worth of 2.5 million euros. According to his statements, Pietro earns up to one million euros in a “good” month. Music shouldn’t be his primary source of income, but rather his advertising activity as an influencer and smart investments in real estate and his franchise supermarket.

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Pietro and the love of money

At least it is already known from earlier interviews that Pietro Lombardi never wasted his money. He also agrees with ex-wife Sarah. When the DSDS couple was interviewed about money, both stated that they would rather afford more things than spend a significant amount on a single designer item. In the past, however, it is said to have been Sarah who took care of managing the couple’s finances. This is over now.

Investing in your own house was also a big step towards future security. At the time, however, the couple could not have known that their relationship with the house would come to an abrupt end. Because Sarah quickly didn’t feel at home in the place anymore. All the more astonishing are the rumors that Sarah Pietro is said to have bought the house. However, other voices claim that the couple only rented the house and that there was no such sale.

Global gladiators


His fee for the TV format “Global Gladiators” 2017 is said to have been too high. It is rumored that he could have pocketed 290,000 euros. On German TV, before Pietro, it was mainly the following stars who were able to look forward to a significant pay:

  • Ben Teewag (son of Uschi Glas): 250,000 euros for “Celebrity Big Brother.”
  • Brigitte Nielsen: 200,000 euros for “The Jungle Camp 2016.”
  • Gina-Lisa Lohfink: 180,000 euros for ” The Jungle Camp 2017.

Thus, the gold goblet Pietro could have succeeded in setting a new record that many celebrities could be jealous of. Whether his market value has not suffered despite Sarah or the very public separation has ensured that Pietro was so richly rewarded is an open question. The TV broadcaster ProSieben has already publicly denied that Pietro could take this record sum home with him. The TV fee was not a small one, that’s for sure.

The humble life of Pietro Lombardi


The fact that Pietro Lombardi has a small fortune these days is mostly thanks to his voice. Because his previous career would never have suggested that the Karlsruhe native, who has Italian roots on his father’s side, would ever make big money, after all, Pietro left secondary school without ever getting a degree and later only worked on a 400-euro mini-job as a Swarovski stone layer in a local jewelry store.

Fortunately, Pietro made his big breakthrough early on. Because in 2011, the German singer was able to win the 8th season of the successful format ” Deutschland Sucht den Superstar, “where he also met his future wife. Dieter Bohlen knew straight away that Pietro had what it takes to be a winner. By the way, his opponent in the final was Sarah Engels at the time. In 2011, Pietro won a record deal and prize money of 500,000 euros at DSDS. In addition to their musical successes, Sarah and Pietro also scored points with their docu-soap on RTL2 from March 2015. They gave their fans a few intimate insights into their lives.

Rolex and Maserati: The fat money through music

In 2017, Pietro himself participated in “Global Gladiators” and in “Grill den Henssler” on TV. What the musical future holds for Pietro is currently difficult to estimate. Because even if he has won gold and platinum several times, none of his albums was as successful as his first. Some followers of the singer fear that he could soon disappear into oblivion without the scandals surrounding his relationship.

Together with rapper Kay One, he was able to land a real summer hit in 2017 with the song “Senorita,” which at least earned gold status (200,000 sold). To celebrate this success, Pie bought a 30,000 Euro Rolex wristwatch. In autumn 2017, he finally bought his dream car: a Maserati Levant for around 70,000 euros.

Pietro Lombardi also earns money as an influencer

The former DSDS winner uses his popularity and also earns a lot of money as an influencer. On his Facebook page, you often see posts displayed as “Paid” next to the date of the posting. These are sponsored positions. There are collaborations with companies, the singer makes advertising deals and earns a lot in return. For example his deal with ABOUT YOU, you can see professional photos of Pietro Lombardi in a chic outfit. There is a link in the post that will take you directly to the ABOUT YOU fashion mail-order company. There you can buy the outfit that Pietro advertises. Many other artists and stars have also jumped on the influencer train. The more fans and popularity the star has, the more likely it is to be emulated and bought. The respective star advertises for Pietro an additional income that increases his fortune further.



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