Property Friends TN Review: I had a Great Experience Selling my House

There was a time when property dealing was only possible with a real estate company or if you had real estate and market knowledge by yourself. But the seller had to pay a certain percentage of the overall cost against his house to the realtor, which daunts his heart to the core.

Also, if a house had maintenance issues, the owner had to repair them before placing his home on the market, which is a costly and time-consuming process.

To mitigate this issue, real state investors brought home buying services or cash buyer services to ease the property selling process by handling your home as-is to property buyers. 

But still, people have their reservations “should we sell our house to homebuyers” “it is worth it, or is it just a trap?”

Because of the massive explosion of homebuyer services, people doubt its credibility. So I decided to present my case and experience of selling my inherited home to Property Friends TN.

Property Friends TN – Review

Property Friends TN topples the list for sell house fast in Tennessee. There are plenty of things that I took into count before finalizing which homebuyer I am going to make a deal with. I’ll explain them but first, read my experiece working with them.

The Story is four months back, my siblings and I decided to sell our inherited home in Tennessee and share the cost equally among us; as we all are working men and women, we had no time to go and deal with realtors and allow visitors to keep check out our house to wait if they like it or not.

I researched available homebuyers; after analyzing seven companies, I concluded to go with Property Friends TN.

But for my satisfaction, when I discussed it with my friend who lives in Tennesse, he suggested I should call Property Friends TN, which urged me to make a deal with them.

To my surprise, when I called them, the best thing I observed with this company was that they didn’t even ask for any reason and investigated why I was selling my house.

I have provided some details, and the homebuyer’s nominator fixes a date and time to observe the house once to quote me their offer.

Once she observed the house, she offered me a deal to take my inherited place in as-is condition. Looking at the renovation and repair, I needed to do before selling it to a real estate agent, it was such a good offer that my siblings agreed on it quickly. Plus point is the suggested cash amount was catchy.

They take all the legal or renovation responsibility to themselves and ask me to get the cash, though the price they offer was low from the market; I was okay with it because I don’t have to do anything and spend my time.

Just after setting our deal, they closed it within 48 hours and provided me money; that is something I can’t imagine.

Their quick response time and provide cash within 48 hours make me believe that this home-selling method is far better than other traditional methods.

My first fear was how can I sell this home with no repairs and being in legal complications, but their listing showed me companies’ hard work and knowledge of what it takes to sell this house paid off.

One major credit I give to the team of Property Friends TN is that they spend hours answering my questions calmly and providing me a ton of information regarding the market’s value and why they are offering me this deal.

What sets them apart is they are interested in buying a house instead of looking and moving away, and even agreeing to buy a home that owes any property tax, facing any legal issues, and many more issues.

How it Worked for Me?

  • You will get the instant cash offer and get an idea of how much amount you can get against your home.
  • Call them and speak on the phone and they will come out and inspect the property before they make an offer. 
  • The closing is so fast that you can shift to other places quickly. All-cash buyers can typically close within a few days.
  • These buyers typically won’t require any repairs or updates to be made.
  • They will buy homes with large amounts of past-due taxes and fees.
  • Burned out or storm-damaged homes.
  • Properties with illegal conversions or code violations.

Property Friends TN are also among the Nashville home buyers, so you can sell your home in case you are looking for Trusted Home Buyers. They never requires its customers to spend hefty amounts on repair or pay any commission or fees. They can handle it, whether it has foundation issues, a leaking roof, or black mold.

To learn more about our company and get a cash offer on your home, you can call them at (629) 206-4166.

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