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If you do not have much knowledge of video editing but still want to create an impressive and unique video, give ProShow Producer 9.0 a try. This is software that provides many beautiful effects, helping you create professional movies quickly and.The software has an easy-to-use interface; anyone can create their own videos without anyone else’s help.

Below, DigitalGlobalTimes will help you understand the features and instructions on how to download and install the latest full crack version of ProShow Producer 9.0 software in 2020. Do not ignore the interesting content waiting for you ahead.

INTRODUCTION TO PROSHOW PRODUCER SOFTWAREDo, you know? ProShow Producer is software to create smart video slideshows to turn your photos, audio,, or even videos into a new, creative, and professional level. Designed by the producer Photodex and released in August 2017, this software can create unique, engaging, engaging videos. ProShow Producer allows you to design all kinds of professional slideshows quickly and beautifully.

Maybe we do not know that ProShow Producer is a software that integrates smart and flexible features and can help users tell stories and convey their ideas to viewers. With ProShow Producer, there’s no need to worry. It can turn all your ideas into reality, even more than what you expected in minutes. Also, the variety of effects and simple usage create a combination that could not be more perfect, giving users a feeling of comfort and enjoyment when using ProShow Producer.

ProShow Producer is a great software and is widely available in many different disciplines, be it for weddings, engagements, family photos, nature, outdoor photos, or even travel and travel photography. Much more depending on the user’s preferences and requirements. More diverse is the effect of inserting background music for the slideshow to be more perfect and interesting. Once you’re ready to master every function, ProShow Producer starts offering some serious, sophisticated tools and effects to customize every aspect of your presentation.


To mention professional video maker tools, we cannot help but mention ProShow Producer 9.0 – software that is both useful, smart, modern, and easy to use. This is also the latest version of 2020, integrating dozens of advanced features.

Some people will wonder why it is so high up? But no, the truth is ProShow Producer 9.0 has been doing so, and in the future, it will improve even better. Let’s take a look at some convenient features of this software!


To easily add photos and videos to your slide show, ProShow Producer 9.0 is designed with smart and flexible tools to make your video presentation more animated and complete. Then how to insert content? Drag your photos and videos to the list of software, and then they will automatically be added to your presentation, and you have a great and complete video right. One smart feature is that Photodex ProShow Producer supports more than 100 different file types, and the amount you can have on a slide is virtually unlimited.


The adjustment tools, frames are one of the most typical creative effects that ProShow Producer software brings to users. As a result, we can easily create impressive montages or video designs to deliver great first-hand productions. Furthermore, Photodex ProShow maker also provides additional intelligent tools to help you animate still images. Why is it so perfect?


To talk about the best features of ProShow Producer 9.0 software, there is an important step when your slide show will be output in high definition quality. ProShow Producer allows users to burn their slideshows to Blu-ray, CD, and DVD. What’s more, ProShow Producer helps you stream via Flash or QuickTime whenever you need to show your slideshow.

To make it easy to share your slideshows on social media like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or other great social media sites, Photodex ProShow Producer 9.0 creates a built-in feature at the same time. Social media. This feature is optimized and modern to help users conveniently and comfortably share their ideas without difficulty.


ProShow Producer 9.0 software is versatile and creative in that instead of the font you have used before. It allows us to use any font of your choice for a caption or text. Besides, the typeface is also diverse and beautiful to create a more enjoyable feeling, ProShow Producer provides multi-color typefaces, which users can customize.

Annotations will now stand out more thanks to the combination of effects. More specifically, the software also has a built-in video editor to help you edit videos and use only the part you want. For example, if you want to change the video to black and white or sepia, just one click to have your favorite video part. It’s too simple and fast.



First of all, you need to download the file below. Select 1 of the 2 links below to download.

Click here to download ProShow Producer 9.0 32/64 bit installation file + activation file- Google Drive

Extract pass included in the downloaded file

Click Here To Download Link backup – Mega

  • Windows 32 bit and 64 bit both use the same setup file.
  • After downloading, you will receive 2 files, as shown below. You can refer to WinRAR 2020 decompression software if not installed.
  • Run the ProShow Producer 9.0 installation file
  • Click Next.
  • Click Next.
  • Click I Agree.
  • Click Browse if you want to change the installation directory. Note to remember this installation path to use for the next crack step. Click Next to continue.
  • Click Install to start the software installation.
  • It only takes a few minutes to complete the installation.
  • Click Finish.
  • Your computer will ask you to restart. Here, we choose No.


After extracting the activation file, you will get the files as shown below.

  • To activate the software, you need to copy 3 files in the Activate ProShow Producer 9 folder into the installation directory.
  • The default installation directory is as shown below. In a case in the installation step you changed the path, then note the correct path again.
  • Paste the 3 files above into this directory.
  • Select Replace the files in the destination to overwrite.
  • You re-enter the activation file folder, right-click Registration and choose Merge (Some computers do not have the Merge option, double-click to open the file normally)
  • Select Yes.
  • The dialog box shown below is successful. Now you can use the software permanently.


This is not a software-related error but your screen resolution is not compatible. This problem occurs when you leave the text size option, the application is not 100%.

  • To fix this problem, right-click on the Desktop and select Display Settings.
  • Change the item below to 100%. Then turn off the software and reopen it.
  • Here is the interface of ProShow Producer 9.0 software


For exporting videos, there are many different options. Here, it would be best if you used the option as shown in the image below. Select the Publish tab> For Computer> Video for Web, Devices, and Computers.

Note that when using ProShow Producer for the first time, the software needs to import the effects so that it may take a while. If there is a message as shown below when exporting the video, please wait a moment.

Select the quality of the video to export, edit other options (if necessary). Then click Create to create the video.

ProShow Producer 9.0 full crack is an indispensable software for novice users who want to create an impressive video. The software helps users create videos quickly but without special and professional parts.

You can create a video from images, clips and add text, sound, and effects to make them stand out. The software supports exporting video to many formats with high resolution. You can store videos on your hard drive or upload them directly to Youtube or Facebook.

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