Download and Install Office 2016 Full License Permanently

It’s time to break up with the previous Microsoft Office to become avid users of the new Office called Microsoft Office 2016. The variety of features of Office 2016 are giving users a different view of This version of Office. Do not miss but let us take a look at the best features of Office 2016. The last part of the article is a detailed guide on permanently downloading, installing, and crack Office 2016.



Much simpler when with this Office version, you only need to use the archive button to archive Outlook items. It’s convenient to have just a double mouse click. You feel so modern, Microsoft. By creating two more group buttons, users can browse or add new groups.

If new buttons are not found, add them to your ribbon.

If you are often looking for menu items in Microsoft Office, it’s straightforward to rearrange and customize your Ribbon menu. This is also how you optimize the Menu Layout or the ribbon. Really too flexible.


Did you know that thousands of businesses worldwide are using Office 2016 and are surprised by its security features? It’s comfortable when you save data in the cloud without fear of data loss. This is because data loss protection in Office 2016 has been integrated into Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Are you concerned about hackers logging into your account? Don’t worry about this because the new multi-factor authentication feature will make it harder for others to sign in.


Not only check facts, look up information, data but whatever you do, you will also be attracted to Excel or PowerPoint spreadsheets. However, with smart lookup in Office 2016, Bing provides insights that bring the web to smart users. So select the word to look up Insight will display the answer for you.


This tool is available in Office 365, making managing your Email easy. It manages by tracking who is interacting with you and where they are present. Other emails outside of this group will not be prioritized and will be sent in a separate folder. More specifically, Clutter will help you understand which messages are important to you and your daily activities.

That’s why we see new hope for Office 2016 to create the cluttered Email sorter – this is Microsoft’s remarkable potential.


It’s great if you know that Word, Excel, and PowerPoint three are supporting features beyond your imagination. You won’t stop using it once you learn of features like the ability to publish documents to To do this, create an account with You will become the owner of it.


Honestly, we realize that Microsoft Office has various features and thousands of features that we pay little attention to and use. You may also be hesitant to use the Office search engine.

This was not difficult anymore when Microsoft added the Tell Tell Me feature. This is the first time that Tell Tell Me is available in the Office Online suite. The advantage of Tell Tells Me is that it uses natural language to find the information you need.

Just ask the Tell Tell Me Box, you have found a way to protect files in Word, create charts in Excel, add signatures in Outlook, … will get a good answer.

However, you can also use Google Smart Lookup to find answers online.


Why is there a researcher feature?

If you are a modern user with a need for business research, this tool will be a great companion tool. Just select Researcher from the toolbar, enter your search term in the sidebar. A series of results will be displayed and of course, choose the one you want is.


What’s new in Office 2016’s PowerPoint app?

If you knew that the popular PowerPoint text highlighting tool, you would prefer it over any other tool. This tool makes parts of your text stand out. Now make sure you are on the Home tab, and then select your text, hit Highlight Text, and pick your color is perfect.


With this feature, you’ll be much more surprised at the reliability of Office 2016. The real-time collaboration that people using Google Docs enjoy in the long run. By now, Microsoft has seen and caught up with and understood to really improve this collaboration. And Microsoft has done it in key applications in the new version of Microsoft Office 2016. Many people edit the same document in core applications like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint no longer a hassle. Again. And the special thing about it, use the Share button on a ribbon in the upper right corner to share the document with everyone.


The debate about innovation in Outlook 2016 has been responded to by Microsoft with modern file attachment features in Outlook version of Office 2016.

It’s easy and flexible when attaching files in just a few quick steps. With just clicking on the Attach Hardware button, a list of recently worked files on the files will be displayed immediately; you will see them both locally and on OneDrive. If the file you want to attach is one you’ve recently visited or been working on, this tool is perfect for you. This list of files above also has many options for browsing your PC or web locations.


What is called behind-the-scenes improvement in Office 2016?

The Backstage display handles updates for faster and more convenient file saving, opening, and browsing. Wikipedia will have a list of recent files sorted by document modification date. Besides, did you know that the Google Browse button has been supported to be raised to improve visibility, and it is this that makes users access faster when they visit? Access to File Explorer.


Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint software applications have added a new feature called Ink Equation, which is really useful. This feature lets you insert math equations by handwriting them with your mouse, digital pen, or even your finger on touch-enabled devices—what a state-of-the-art development when the Microsoft programmer created this miracle.

This is writing the user’s equation in the dialog, using the erase and edit tools. Even more special, your handwritten equations can be converted to typed text, and of course, you can insert them into your document as easily as the hand.



Before proceeding, download the Office 2016 installation file from the link below.


 – Temporarily turn off Windows Defender and anti-virus software (if any) BEFORE DISCOVER KMSpico to avoid deleting KMSpico files

 – If you have Office 2016 on your computer, download KMSpico to activate it. Come on.

 – Refer to the video tutorial at the end of the article if you do not understand how to install it.

Click Here To Download Office 2016 full crack 32 bit

Click Here To Download Office 2016 full crack 64 bit

Click Here To Download KMSpico 2021

After downloading, use the WinRAR software to extract it. Reference: WinRAR decompression software

  • Run the Setup setup file.
  • Check the box to agree to the terms and select Continue.
  • Select Install to begin the installation process. By default, the software will install all office applications.
  • In case your computer has a limited configuration, and you only want to install only the software necessary to serve the needs of the job, choose Customize.
  • Here, you can remove the software you don’t need. To deselect a software, left-click it and choose Not Available. After completing the customization, click Install Now to begin the installation.
  • The software takes a few minutes for the installation to complete.
  • Click Close.

The dialog box asking you to restart appears. Select Yes if you want to restart your computer. Select No if you want to do it later. Here, I choose No.



Here’s how to make it simple. Anyone can do it. Currently, I often use this method.

Similarly, after downloading, use WinRAR to extract the KMSpico file.

  • Right-click on the KSPico file and select Run ad administrator.
  • Click Next.
  • Check the I accept the agreement and click the Next button.
  • Continue to click Next.
  • The software only takes a few seconds to install. You type in the Start menu search to find KMSpico software because it does not appear on the Desktop.
  • The software is opened, and you need to press the red button and wait a few seconds. Office 2016 will be activated successfully.

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