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Crack IDM is the software that supports the download features, helping users to shorten file download time or manage downloaded files effectively. The software is always highly appreciated by users and experts alike for its stable performance and outstanding download speeds. Not only that, IDM also owns dozens of advanced features to increase the user experience.

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IDM, full name is Internet Download Manager, is widely known for its ability to speed up and manage downloaded files.

Released quite early, IDM is seen as a powerful and irreplaceable tool for users who regularly download videos, songs, movies and data from the internet. The software has always topped the list of the best downloadable applications for many years.

This is also very easy to understand. IDM only has a capacity of only 7 MB but integrates many advanced features that users need, supporting up to 15 languages. The software has an easy-to-use interface, the download process is completely automatic without any user intervention. IDM automatically catches download links. Increasing download speed by 5 times normal is also an advantage to attract users of this software.


IDM has been trusted by many individual users and businesses for many years. Let DigitalGlobalTimes learn about why this software is so popular with users?


Today’s web browsers have built-in download tools. However, most of them do not meet the user’s request.

Fortunately, IDM supports most popular web browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Coc Coc and many more. The software will automatically get the download link and display the dialog to customize the path. You can also install the IDM extension for your browser to instantly download a favorite video or audio file without the need for a download link.


IDM allows the user to pause the download and resume later. This feature is really useful and highly appreciated by users. Usually the process of downloading multiple files at the same time will slow down the network speed. If you need a steady network speed to watch a movie or do something more important, you can pause the entire file download or pause some files.

Not only that, but the internet connection sometimes fails. Many users have complained when they have to spend an hour waiting to download a large file, but only one disconnection disables this process. At this point, the user has no choice but to reload the file from scratch.

Developer IDM understood this concern of the user. Should have equipped a smart feature to help you restore your downloads when you get back online. Instead of reloading from the beginning, the software will resume the download from the previous stop position.


You are downloading a file from a new web browser without the IDM extension or receiving a download link from a friend. If you use the default download tool, you may experience a slow download speed. At this point, you can cancel the download in your browser and copy the link to IDM to continue. Just copy the link and click Add Url and the software will automatically import the download link. The download will be faster and there is no need to worry about disconnected connections when you use IDM.


The Internet brings us knowledge and documents and makes it easier to share. But it also contains the dangers of viruses and malicious code that can steal user information, damage computers or destroy data. So, scanning files after downloading is essential. IDM will combine with anti-virus software and firewall installed on your computer to help the virus scan to be thoroughly done.


IDM’s management features are also highly appreciated by users. This feature helps you to view list of downloaded files, download speed, file size. Besides, you can also open them right in IDM software or access the folder containing the file. This is especially convenient in case of large daily file downloads.

To help users quickly find the files they need, IDM has classified files by: music, video, archive file and documents.


This is the latest version today, stable use, integrating many new features, completely free from fake serial errors. The way to install and activate is also relatively simple. You can also refer to the 6.36 auto-activated repack version later in the article.

First, you need to download the file below and unzip. See also: WinRAR Full Crack decompression software

Download Crack IDM 6.38 Build 10 – Google Drive

Extract pass included in the downloaded file

Backup link (google drive)

Both Win 32 and 64 bit share this version.

Turn off anti-virus software (if available) and Windows Defender BEFORE COMPLETE AND INSTALLING . Once installed, turn it back on to normal. See instructions to turn off Windows Defender here if you do not know.

After downloading and unzipping, you will get the files as shown below.

Run the setup file.


Click Next .

Click Next

Check the option I accept the terms in the license agreement . Then select Next .

Click Next next.


Continue to select Next .

Crack IDM 6.38 software only takes a little paper to complete the installation. Click Finish to finish the installation.

After completing the installation, Crack IDM software will automatically open. Now please turn off the software to move to the activation step.

Copy the IDM 6.xx Patch file as shown below into the installation directory of the Crack IDM software. You should choose Cut instead of copy.


You navigate to the installation directory of Crack IDM as shown in the image below.

Win 64 bit : C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Internet Download Manager

Win 32 bit: C: \ Program Files \ Internet Download Manager

Paste the Cut Patch file here.

Select Continue .

  • Right click on this Patch and select Run as administrator.
  • Click the Patch button to activate.
  • Select OK.
  • Now you have successfully activated and can use Crack IDM 6.38 software permanently .
  • Patch file doesn’t need to be used anymore, so you can delete it and turn on your antivirus and Windows Defender again.


Below is the latest IDM 6.38 software interface 2020


Note: This session is as stable as IDM version 6.38. The installation is much simpler. You also don’t need to turn off Windows Defender during the installation.


  • Automatic license permanent activation, users will not have to activate the software.
  • Integrating the latest features of IDM software, automatically integrated into the browser.
  • Stable operation, completely error free.


  • First of all, you need to download the installation file from the following link
  • Download the latest IDM 6.36 2020 – Google Drive
  • Link backup – Google Drive
  • Extract pass included in the downloaded file
  • After extracting with WinRAR, you will get a folder with 3 files as shown. If you have not installed WinRAR, you can refer to: Instructions to install WinRAR full 2021
  • Run the IDM installation file 6.36
  • Click Next to continue.

Next, you choose the options that suit your needs. Inside:

  • Install regular version: An option to help you install IDM software in the usual way, here we choose this option.
  • Unpacking portable version: This option will help you create IDM portable software to serve your traveling needs. You can copy to a USB for use anywhere.
  • Click Next to continue.
  • Click Install to begin the installation.
  • Click Finish to complete the installation.

The initial default of the software is Russian, so you need to take a step to change to another language as shown in the image below. The software also supports Vietnamese, you may consider choosing this option.

Now you can use IDM 6.36 permanently.

IDM 2020 software interface


By default, the software will use English language. In case you want to change to Vietnamese or another language that you are proficient at, follow these steps:

  • Open Crack IDM software
  • Go to ViewLanguage
  • Select a language from the drop-down list.



Above, DigitalGlobalTimes has guided you to successfully download and install Crack IDM full crack 2020 update 2021, hope this article will be useful to you. Overall, IDM is an indispensable software for users who regularly download and share files online. The software has powerful ability to accelerate downloads and manage files. The automatic link capture feature is smart and compatible with most of today’s web browsers.

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