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While Rakim has always maintained a straight stance, rumors of a relationship have surfaced about his wife Felicia Smith. While he has been in connection with Nicole Smith in the past, the truth is much more complex. In this article, we will look at the circumstances behind Rakim’s marriage to his wife. Known for his incredible flow and amazing vocal talents, Rakim has been married to three women and has three children. He was not introduced to the faith as a child, but decided to convert to Islam when he was 16.

During the early 2000s, Rakim and Nicole Smith had a son together, but the couple divorced soon after. Their relationship was strained and in 2004, Rakim was arrested for failing to pay child support. The two had not spoken to each other in five years. Nonetheless, they were married and have three children together. It was a difficult time for the couple, and the separation was final. The rapper has defended his relationship with his wife and children, and they have remained on good terms.

Before his marriage to Felicia, Rakim dated Nicole Smith. They had a son together, but the relationship was short-lived. The pair then split up. After the breakup, Rakim went back to his childhood sweetheart, Felicia. They have three kids together. Hence, the total number of children raised by Rakim and his wife is four. Interestingly, Felicia and Rakim met in high school.

The two had a son together. During their relationship, Rakim was arrested for child support in 2004. He was $25,000 behind on his payments and hadn’t seen the boy in five years. During his arrest, Rakim denied any knowledge of the warrant, saying that he had been wrongly detained for child support before. He also revealed that he had a son when he was arrested for child support in the past.

Rakim is a popular musician, and it’s hard to get to know his personal life. He never married a woman and has not fathered any children. However, his biography does mention that he is single and has never had a family. He has always supported his fellow musicians and helped them in their career. A lot of his fans would like to be able to contact him. If he has a wife, she will have no doubt be the mother of his child.

While Rakim has been married to a woman for several years, his personal life is a mystery. Whether he has a wife or not is unclear. While his bio mentions that he has been married for seven years, it does not say anything about his personal life. There are no records that mention Rakim’s children, but his family is very supportive of him. He has three children with Felicia, but there is no proof that he has ever had a wife.

While it’s not yet clear if Rakim is married to a woman, rumors are rife with the possibility of an affair. While his marriage with Felicia Smith was a successful one, it was not without its problems. After Nicole Smith’s death, Rakim was arrested for failing to pay child support to his former girlfriend. The two were late by $25,000 and had not seen their son since the incident.

While Rakim has been married to several women, his personal life is far from a mystery. His biography does not list his wife, but he was previously married to a woman named Nicole Smith. In 2004 he was arrested for failing to make child support payments to Nicole Smith and had not seen his son for five years. His marriage to Smith has resulted in three children, but there are no details on his previous relationship with her.

Rakim’s first marriage was to his childhood love, Felicia Smith. The couple had two children together, Nicole Smith and Amir. But the relationship ended when she found out that he was not the father of the child. The two had never married, but Rakim later married his longtime lover, Felicia. This marriage resulted in the birth of three children. It is unclear if Rakim is still married to Felicia, but his marriage has been known for many years.

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