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How rich is Ralf Möller?

Ralf Möller is not only good friends with Arnold Schwarzenegger, but the two European stars, who now live in the USA, also share other similarities. They made their fortunes both from acting and being real muscle packs. Ralf Möller was even Mister Universum in the past. In view of this body, it is not surprising that he became known on the big screen through roles in action-packed productions such as “Gladiator,” “The Scorpion King” and “Cyborg”. His body is his capital. For the supporting role in gladiator he received a salary of $ 250,000 in 2000. So far, Ralf Möller has been able to put a lot on the high edge. The cherished Ralf Möller’s assets are 8 million euros.

Ralf Möller in Los Angeles

Fee from Ralf Möller
Although Ralf Rudolf Möller was originally born in Recklinghausen in North Rhine-Westphalia, he has now moved to the city of stars Emigrated to Los Angeles. The actor, who has already presented himself as a musician, has also been a citizen of the United States of America since 2014. His two daughters grow up in the USA. In this respect, too, his acting career has fundamentally changed the way German is alive.

Möller was seen for the first time on German TV, in Tatort. He now uses the spelling “Moeller” for his surname, as the Americans do not know the letter Ö. Today’s world start was able to demonstrate its talents in the cult format “Tatort”. In “Crime scene: Broken flowers“He presented himself in 1988 at the side of Eberhard Freik and Götz George. Just a year later, his career took off at a rapid pace. Because in 1989 he achieved great success with “Cyborg”.

A sporty star with German roots

In the German press, Ralf Möller is repeatedly mentioned as “the gladiator” because of his groundbreaking Hollywood successes. The star has always lived out his career ambitions on both sides of the Atlantic. From “The Superbulle und die Halbstarken” and “Hai-Alarm auf Mallorca,” two television films that were produced for the popular German broadcaster RTL, to “The Coast Guard” and “Alarm for Cobra 11 – the Autobahn Police!” American by choice also not an unknown face for the German TV audience.

Ralf Möller's fortune
The song “Say it isn’t so” by Bon Jovi from 2000 ensured that Ralf Möller was allowed to immortalize himself alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger, Claudia Schiffer and Emilio Estevez. After all, he was seen together with these other greats of show business in the video of the megastars from the USA. As a music speaker, Möller also already has two songs with E Nomine released. His voice color just matched “The Tower” and “Black Sun” perfectly.

In his private life, however, luck was not quite so good. As it became known at the beginning of 2013, Ralf Moeller and his wife Annette now live separately from each other. Nevertheless, the film and TV actor doesn’t just want to be a role model for his children. Rather, there was a joint initiative between Möller and the then Federal Family Minister Ursula von der Leyen from the CDU in autumn 2006. With “Strong guys“Children from focal point families should get the chance to develop a more positive attitude towards life in order to be able to do something with their life.

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