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Rayful Edmond Net Worth


As of 2008, Rayful Edmond has an estimated net worth of $10 million. His income came from drugs and he accumulated this sum by investing in several stores, including the Linea Pitti store in Georgetown, which sold Italian men’s clothing. He is also known for appearing on the TV show “American Gangster” and authoring three books. The following is a brief biography of Rayful Edmond.


Born on 26 November 1964, Rayful Edmond is an American drug trafficker. He is 56 years old and is 1.83 m tall. He weighs 75 kg. Edmond began his career as a drug trafficker when he was nine years old and sold cocaine. When the police were after him, he was able to find an escape route. In addition, he introduced crack cocaine in Washington, D.C.

Drugs Dealer

Since he is a convicted felon, Rayful Edmonds net worth has grown tremendously in prison. He was sentenced to two life sentences without parole for multiple crimes including drug trafficking. He continued dealing drugs even in prison and he began money laundering through his girlfriend. In total, Rayful Edmond has an estimated net worth of more than $16 million. The wealth of Rayful Edmond is incredible!

Talented Childhood

Rayful Edmond’s parents were government workers. His mother taught him how to deal drugs when he was ten years old. While in school, he was a very good student and excelled in many subjects. His talent as a basketball player was also well recognized among his peers. However, he dropped out of college at the age of eighteen and worked as a drug dealer. Now, he has a net worth of $50 million.

Notorious Exploitations

While incarcerated, Edmond continued his dealing. In Lewisburg Federal Penitentiary, Pennsylvania, he shared a cell block with Dixon Dario. The two men set up deals between D.C.-area traffickers and their Colombian connections. Edmond received an additional 30 years of prison time in exchange for the crimes. His criminal record is one of the most notorious exploitations of prison phone privileges.

Before getting into drug dealing, Edmond’s parents met a drug kingpin in the D.C. area. He developed connections with other drug lords and arranged deals with wholesalers in the city. He then spent $457,619 in a Georgetown store run by Charles Wynn, who was later convicted of 34 counts of money laundering. This allowed Edmond to become a drug dealer.

Criminal Records

Rayful’s narcotics empire was so successful that he controlled 60 percent of the drug market in the city. However, his crew was arrested for crimes that included killing 30 people. His mother and siblings were arrested and he was in a prison with them. In a bid to escape the police, Rayful and his crew were involved in violence, causing over 30 homicides and emergencies.

 No details about his personal life

The net worth of Rayful Edmond has been estimated from various sources. Based on his height and weight, Edmond has a high net worth. Edmond was born on 26 November 1964 in Washington, D.C., US. His height and weight are both accurate, according to various reliable internet sources. However, there are no details about his personal life. If you’re wondering how much he earned from acting, check out his website.


Besides being an actor, Rayful Edmond has also managed to amass a high net worth. He is a former crime boss who ran a lucrative drug trafficking empire in New York. He was arrested in 1977 after confessing to involvement in 19 murders. Rayful Edmond’s net worth is currently estimated at $1 million. This figure is not high compared to many other actors.

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