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Record fees: This is what the stars deserve in the 2016 jungle camp

It is now a tradition: The television year starts with the RTL jungle camp. And in 2016 the controversial disgust show celebrated its 10th anniversary. After there were nasty comments last year because the participants were unwilling to cause major disputes or scandals, RTL promised more excitement and many innovations in advance this year. And that will probably cost the private broadcaster a lot. Rumor has it that in 2016 the participants did so high fees cashed in like never before. The front runner is said to have been the aging singer Gunter Gabriel. 300,000 euros If he should have paid for the jungle trip, he would have lasted longer. That would be double what the previous fee and jungle queen Brigitte Nielsen should have received for her first participation in 2012. By the way, Sylvester Stallone’s ex was there again in 2016 and was a top earner.

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Participants who have acquired their low celebrity status, for example through a reality show, or have not been in the headlines for a long time, are estimated to be 40,000 euros to 65,000 euros fee receive. This year, for example, Menderes Bagci (incorrigible DSDS participant), Helena Fürst (reality show lawyer), Ricky Harris (former talk show and shopping broadcaster presenter) and Sophia Wollersheim (wife of celebrity lover Bert Wollersheim). These jungle campers benefit more from the growing popularity than from high fees.

Z celebrities like Jürgen Milski (Mallorca mood cannon) and Thorsten Legat (ex-soccer player with a quick temper) received around 75,000 euros.

Scandal-ridden and well-known starlets such as Jenny Elvers (actress with a wet and happy private life) or Rolf Zacher (very old actor) can look forward to a higher amount. 170,000 to 185,000 euros should pay RTL for their excursion into the Australian nature.

Who will end up in the audience’s favor and maybe even put on the jungle crown can hardly be foreseen in advance. For many years, relatively unknown Z-celebrities have camped their way into the hearts of the audience, while well-known show greats spent their jungle times mainly in the hammock. One thing is certain, however: those who make good use of their chance in the jungle camp can benefit from it for many years to come, also financially.

Jungle camp 2016 fees

What do the celebrities earn in the jungle camp 2016?

The celebrities in the jungle camp in 2016 deserve that. Exact figures are of course not known, but one or the other star likes to chat in certain magazines. This results in the following figures:

  • Brigitte Nielsen: EUR 200,000
  • Gunter Gabriel: 195,000 EUR
  • Rolf Zacher: 185,000 EUR
  • Jenny Elvers: EUR 170,000
  • Thorsten Legat: EUR 75,000
  • Jürgen Milski: EUR 75,000
  • Helena Fürst: EUR 65,000
  • Ricky Harris: EUR 62,000
  • Nathalie Volk: EUR 60,000
  • Menderes Bagci: EUR 59,000
  • Daniel Ortega Arenas: EUR 55,000
  • Sophia Wollersheim: EUR 40,000


Photo: RTL / Stefan Gregorowius

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