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Record fees: This is what the stars deserve in the 2017 jungle camp

On January 13, 2017, the madness started again when it was said again: “I’m a star – get me out of here!” The successful RTL format came back to German screens. The grand finale rose on January 28th. Sonja Zietlow and Daniel Hartwich moderated the jungle camp live from Australia every day. There was a special special on top. In the eleventh season there was an addition: “I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here! The aftermath “. The special was aired on February 11, 2017 at 10:15 p.m. The fans were able to find out how the participants of the show fared afterwards. Whether they had after-effects from the jungle and whether it has spurred their careers. Jungle King 2017: Marc Terenzi

Latest edition: Fees in the jungle camp 2022

Fees for the jungle camp participants 2017

What do the celebrities earn in the jungle camp 2017? Exact numbers are not yet known, but one or the other star likes to chat in certain magazines. Depending on how well the celebrities negotiate, there are also different salaries for the stars. Gina-Lisa Lohfink is said to receive € 180,000 for her participation. Nastassja Kinski would even have collected a proud 250,000 euroswho are now going to whistle her because of her rejection. She was contractually obliged, so she should now even have to pay a compensation payment of 50,000 euros for her cancellation.

The salary is also tied to the candidate’s celebrity status. Up to 300,000 euros for the jungle trip are definitely possible. Participants who have not been in the headlines for a long time will receive a fee of between 40,000 euros and 65,000 euros. The more fuss about a celebrity and the better they present themselves, the more wages they’ll get from the 2017 jungle camp. It should also be noted that the jungle camp can also increase the celebrities’ careers and awareness.

These are the high salaries of the jungle camp candidates in 2017

The 12 participants have been determined. There was also another substitute candidate. Maria Hering, Bastian Yotta’s ex, should serve as a replacement if necessary. In any case, Maria won’t be there for this season, but maybe at the jungle camp 2018? These celebrities can be expected in the jungle camp 2017:

1 Marc Terenzi – 55,000 euros

He is best known as the ex of Sarah Connor. The singer was in the boy band Natural. Since 2005 he has appeared as a solo artist. He also has experience with TV programs. In 2012 he took part in “Let’s Dance”, but only made it to the second round with dancing. Marc Terenzi receives a fee of 55,000 euros for the jungle camp trip and is thus in the lower midfield.

2 Gina-Lisa Lohfink – 180,000 euros

The German model became known in 2008 through her participation in “Germany’s Next Top Model”. Since then she has mastered other TV appearances and, like Marc, can fall back on television experience. Hopefully it will be of use at the jungle camp. Gina-Lisa has had a difficult turn of the year, her beloved grandpa Hans died. A stroke of fate that certainly doesn’t make participating in the jungle camp any easier. The fee for Gina-Lisa Lohfink is certainly a relief, she collects 180,000 euros.

3 Florian Wess – 80,000 euros

Gina Lisa Lohfink gets support in the jungle camp 2017 from her best friend Florian Wess. He may be even more unknown, but that will change when he participates in Australia at the latest. Florian Wess has also been on television before. He married Valencia Vintage and was seen together with her in the wedding documentary “Val & Flo” on RTL 2. The marriage lasted only 3 months. He had an even shorter marriage with the former jungle camp participant Helmut Berger. The two were only married 9 weeks. Florian Wess now earns 80,000 euros through the adventure in Australia.

4th Sarah Joelle Jahnel – 70,000 euros

It wasn’t long ago that we saw Sarah Joelle Jahnel on TV. She was also a participant in “Adam Seeks Eve – Stranded in Paradise”. It should spark and spark between her and the former tennis professional Daniel Köllerer. The spark did not jump over and the two left the island as singles. Sarah Joelle also has the nickname “Pocher Luder”, she is said to have had an affair with Oliver Pocher. But this still denies it. The 2017 jungle camp paid Sarah Joelle 70,000 euros.

5 Alexander Keen – 75,000 euros

“Honey” Alexander Keen definitely has a cute nickname. Very few people will know him, which is perhaps the reason for participating in the 2017 jungle camp. This is a quick way to make yourself known. Alexander Keen is the ex-boyfriend of Kim Hnizdo, one of Germany’s Next Top Model winner. As a little-known celebrity, he still gets a salary of 75,000 euros for the trip to the jungle.

6th Thomas Häßler – 100,000 euros

The soccer world champion from 1990 is known to many. Even if he hasn’t played football for 12 years, he has remained well known. Thomas “Icke“ Häßler can look back on a successful playing career. Today he is a soccer coach. In 2016 he was with “Let’s Dance” and made it to the fifth round. Thomas Häßler is said to have earned 30 million euros in his entire football career. He shouldn’t have any money worries with that. Nevertheless, Thomas Häßler still gets a rain of money on top of it for the jungle: 100,000 euros.

7th Jens Büchner – 75,000 euros

He’s an emigrant like Konny Reimann. Jens Büchner is best known from “Goodbye Germany”. The participation of the Mallorca emigrant was not quite fixed until the beginning. He was in trouble with the judiciary. There was a possibility that the Australian authorities might refuse his entry. But everything went smoothly and Jens Büchner receives a salary of 75,000 euros for the jungle vacation.

8th Kader Loth – 40,000 euros

Kader Loth was not included in the schedule from the start. But she is now the replacement for Nastassja Kinski. Natassja should even have collected 250,000 euros for her participation in the jungle camp. The coal will now escape her. But we can look forward to the photo model of Turkish descent, Kader Loth. Kader Loth receives the lowest salary alongside one other participant. As a substitute participant, she did not dust properly. She only gets a 40,000 euro fee.

9 Hanka Rackwitz – 55,000 euros

Hanka Rackwitz, the name will probably not mean anything to many. But the jungle camp also serves to get to know new celebrities. Hanka Rackwitz also has TV experience, she was a broker for “rent, buy, live” on VOX. She also took part in “Big Brother”, Hanka Rackwitz was a resident in the first season. The former VOX broker now earns a fee of 55,000 euros.

10 Miss Menke – 40,000 euros

Miss Menke’s real name is Franziska Menke. She is a German singer and her great successes were a while ago. In 1980 it was very successful as part of the Neue Deutsche Welle. Well-known songs by Miss Menke are “How you are”, “High mountains”, “Woman next to me”, “You are not here” and “Friends”. Since no one has heard from her for a long time, the fee in the jungle was also kept low: 40,000 euros. The jungle camp 2017 is more of an option here to increase awareness again and to inspire your career.

11 Markus Majowski – 80,000 euros

Markus Majowski is perhaps not that common as a name. But anyone who sees his face probably knows him. The German actor and comedian has already made many television appearances. From TV series to movies. You may know him from “Hellish Neighbors” on RTL or “Die Dreisten 3” on Sat 1. He was most recently seen in the films Dora Heldt, “Beloved” and “Inseparable”. Markus Majowski gets a hefty salary in the jungle camp in 2017, namely 80,000 euros.

12th Nicole Mieth – 45,000 euros

The actress Nicola Mieth has also been seen in many series and films. For example, in 2004 she played in “The Dream Ship – Samoa”. But she was also active in series such as “SOKO Cologne”, “Tatort” and “Rosenheim-Cops”. Many people know her from the series “Forbidden Love”. Nicole Mieth receives a fee of 45,000 euros for her participation in Australia.

Jungle camp 2017 fees

What did the celebrities earn in the jungle camp in 2016?

Here we have listed the fees of the celebrities from the jungle camp 2016. The jungle stars have gossiped and their salaries have also become public. In addition to the fees, there is another factor: with the help of the jungle camp, many celebrities can promote their careers and increase awareness. Of course, more wealth can be derived from this!

  • Brigitte Nielsen: EUR 200,000
  • Gunter Gabriel: 195,000 EUR
  • Rolf Zacher: 185,000 EUR
  • Jenny Elvers: EUR 170,000
  • Thorsten Legat: EUR 75,000
  • Jürgen Milski: EUR 75,000
  • Helena Fürst: EUR 65,000
  • Ricky Harris: EUR 62,000
  • Nathalie Volk: EUR 60,000
  • Menderes Bagci: EUR 59,000
  • Daniel Ortega Arenas: EUR 55,000
  • Sophia Wollersheim: EUR 40,000

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