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Reina Capodici


The American model, author, and tarot-card reader, Reina Capodici, were born on January 28, 1980. She will turn 42 in 2022. Like many other famous models, Reina Capodici has kept her personal life to herself. She attended state schools in her native state and went to a university there. But her home state and university haven’t been revealed. The model is also a friend of Ashley Gadille, who has a daughter with Guarini.

Love Story

Their love began when they were students and according to the sources it is known that Reina’s mother was a teacher of Justin.  After graduation they lost contact with each other. Later back in 2007 they meet again and started dating each other. In late 2009, Justin announced his marriage to Reina Capodici and today they are happily married for 12 years and have three children. 


During her time on social media, Reina Capodici has also become an internet sensation. She has been married to singer Justin Guarini, a record producer and actor. They are the parents of two children, Lola Mae and Noah, who are the couple’s children. While her husband has been the center of attention, Reina Capodici has tried to stay out of the spotlight. She works as a writer, enjoys photography, and blogs about her love for food. She looks after her three children with her husband.

Not in Limelight 

Despite her fame, Reina Capodici has never stepped foot in the limelight. She prefers to avoid the limelight and stays private, which is perhaps a good thing for her public image. Besides her career in the entertainment industry, she is also a gifted tarot card reader. She is an accomplished photographer and loves to write. She is a very private person, and she tends to avoid the limelight.

Justin Guarini Wife

Reina Capodici is an American star, who became famous when she married Justin Guarini on December 26, 2009. She is a tarot card reader and a stage actor. She is white, a member of the Christian religion, and is married to a musician named Justin Guarini. After winning the American Idol competition, Reina Capodici began to work with various record labels and has even worked as a representative for RCA.


Reina Capodici and her husband, Justin Guarini, have two children together. Their daughter, Lola Mae, was born with Justin’s previous relationship live with them.Both are very private, but they share two children Willam Neko Bell and Asher Orion Guarini. She also has a tarot card reader and a talented writer. These are just a few of the many things she does. So, if you are interested in learning more about her, you can do so by reading her bio below.


Reina Capodici is a very popular American model. They have three children together. All three are well-known on social media, and they are involved in many different activities. Keeping busy is a good way to stay in shape. However, a busy schedule can be difficult.

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