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Rhea Ripley Husband

Rhea Ripley Husband Introduction 

If you’re curious about the Rhea Ripley husband, you’ve come to the right place. The former WWE superstar has been single for a year, but we’re not so sure whether she’ll stay that way. The two have a YouTube channel that they recently launched. It’s unclear if the relationship is on the rocks or not, but both of them seem to enjoy each other’s company.

Boyfriend or Husband 

Ripley has a boyfriend, who she met through wrestling. This man is Demetri Jackson, an independent wrestler from Puerto Rico. The two met on the gym and grew closer after meeting. Rhea Ripley and Demetri were reportedly introduced in October. The two were spotted sharing several pictures on Instagram together. The relationship is very open, but there are no details about the relationship’s length or the name of the boyfriend.

Three Years of Relationship

Rhea Ripley’s relationship with Demetri Jackson has been ongoing for about two years now. The two met while training for wrestling. Demetri is a pro-wrestler who plays in the independent circuit. Demetri and Rhea Ripley have been together for almost four years, and in 2019 they opened up about their relationship. While it’s unclear if they’ll go public with their relationship, it’s likely that the two will take a new step soon.

Huge Fan Following 

Rhea Ripley has a sister named Cali Bennett. Ripley has studied at Private College and is a professional wrestler. She has a massive fan following on her social media accounts. Her Instagram account alone has millions of followers. Rhea Ripley’s Twitter account is also very popular, as her fans follow her posts. But is this the husband she’s been waiting for?

Rhea Ripley Husband Net Worth 

In terms of finances, Ripley’s net worth is estimated at between $1.5 million and $5 million. She enjoys multiple sources of income and keeps a low profile. Her net worth is expected to rise even more with her continued success. Ripley’s net worth is only expected to increase as she continues to enjoy a prosperous career. It’s difficult to determine whether her husband is still married or not, but if she’s dating someone, she’s probably getting something out of it.

Previous Relationship

Buddy Matthews was previously engaged to Alexa Bliss, but they split shortly thereafter. The WWE superstar’s social media accounts have since ceased to include his name in her updates, suggesting that Matthews is her new love. However, Ripley didn’t respond to this question, and she didn’t publicly confirm or deny any new relationship. The two former tag partners are expected to square off at the WrestMania Backlash Premium Live Event in April.

WWE RAW Women’s Champion

Rhea Ripley is a WWE RAW Women’s Champion. She has been hailed as one of the next big things in women’s wrestling, spearheading the RAW women’s division at a young age. The young star’s career has made her an icon and is considered a one-in-a-million athlete. While she has yet to reveal the details of her relationship with her boyfriend, there are several pictures of the couple together on her social media accounts. The two seem to be a good fit, and her relationship with Jackson is proving to be a success.

Australian Wrestler

Rhea Ripley is an Australian professional wrestler. She is currently signed to the WWE as part of the NXT UK brand and has wrestled for the company’s past brands. In addition to her WWE career, Ripley has worked in various Australian promotions and in Japan. Rhea began her career in Riot City Wrestling in 2013 and made her NXT UK debut in 2014. In 2015, she was named the first female champion in the company’s NXT UK brand.


Since August 2022, Ripley has been a heel on the WWE. She has made headlines for her unconventional approach to the sport. She has become the first woman to win the NXT Women’s Championship and NXT UK Women’s Championship in the same year. It is not entirely clear if she will continue to hold the title, but it’s possible that the two will wrestle again in the future.

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