Is Now the Right Time to Pursue a Nursing Degree?

The events of the last few years have, in many ways, cast a spotlight on the crucial importance of nurses everywhere. The role that they tirelessly perform on a daily basis provides a source of inspiration for many, particularly those who feel like it might be time to pursue a more meaningful career opportunity. 

If this sounds familiar, or you feel as though you wanted to contribute your time to make the world of tomorrow a brighter place, nursing may be the ideal route for you to take.

It can be an incredibly challenging, demanding, stressful, fulfilling, and rewarding career choice, and if it has your interest piqued, you might already have the necessary mindset required to be a great nurse. 

If you wanted to find out more about one of the world’s most respected and indispensable professions and how you might flourish in the healthcare industry, it is worth thinking about why the perfect time to do so could be today. 

Remote Learning Opportunities

The route into nursing and its many specializations generally starts with education. Thankfully, there are some wonderful remote learning opportunities that can allow you to study nursing from the comfort of your own home, at your own pace, and at a time that suits you best. 

In a similar fashion to nearly every facet of modern society, education has had to significantly evolve and alter to cater for the COVID pandemic. Instead of faltering, however, it has, in many cases, flourished, so it is worth checking out some of the fantastic courses at Elmhurst University Online, as this is a great example of some exceptionally high-quality nursing degrees. 

In this regard, there is perhaps no need to let physical restrictions stand in the way of your access to education, especially now that the best courses are rightly recognized by employers even in their remote form. 

The quality of the degree no longer needs to suffer from taking place in a virtual capacity, which is important to note if you were hoping to start potentially enhancing your career prospects. 

The Demand for Nurses

Becoming a registered nurse can be a great way to ensure your future job security while relishing in many opportunities to progress and specialize. This is partly down to the growing demand for nurses throughout the country

This could be for a vast number of external influences, aside from the obvious COVID pandemic. Other factors that may contribute towards this great demand include a growing senior population, a lack of specialists or developments in treatment methods, and new types of medication. 

Training as a nurse might allow you peace of mind in that you will not likely need to worry about job security or future employment opportunities.

Moreover, you may be able to answer the call for support by using your time to start helping others in an effort to truly make a positive difference to society. There is a monumental amount of pressure put on many healthcare professionals on a daily basis, so the chance to help alleviate some of that pressure may prove to be an emotionally rewarding endeavor. 

Making a Positive Difference

Many aspects of society have been irrevocably altered by the pandemic, and in many cases, the future is still draped in the shadow of uncertainty. 

If you have been thinking about what you can do to make a positive difference and support not only your own interests but the needs of those who are suffering the most, you are by no means alone in this train of thought. 

Pursuing a career as a nurse can be a perfect way of making the positive impact you have been thinking about, utilizing your time for a great cause, and directly contribute to global humanity, which includes your own backyard, all while being paid for it. 

Although there are plenty of extremely high-paying avenues to explore in nursing, such as a nurse anesthetist, a cardiac nurse practitioner, and a general nurse practitioner, for many, the wages are simply a bonus when compared to the value of the work itself. 

The Chance to Specialize

Thanks to the marvels of modern medicine, there may be more opportunities than ever before to specialize and take your nursing career to the next level. 

For an idea of what to expect in terms of progression, some possible roles include:

  • Mental Health Nurse – If you enjoy the prospect of working closely with patients, working on your interpersonal skills, and supporting people throughout the duration of their recovery process, this could be a great role to consider. 
  • FNP (Family Nurse Practitioner) – An FNP works closely with children and their parents in order to make sure that they achieve the best quality of life possible. This is a diverse role that makes use of a wealth of nursing techniques and methods, making it an exciting specialization for anyone who enjoys making a lasting, positive difference to people’s lives. 
  • Nurse Educator – To inspire the next generation of nurses and improve the current quality of the healthcare system, nurse educators must utilize their knowledge and leadership skills to the best of their ability. If you wanted to support the entire future of healthcare, this might be a great opportunity. 
  • Neonatal Nurse – A neonatal nurse ensures that newborn babies are given their very best start in life by caring closely for their every need. This might be a perfect position for anyone interested in caring for infants throughout their first moments on Earth while ensuring their mothers have all the support they need. 

Finding a Meaningful Career

If you have spent any time introspecting recently, there is a good chance you will have thought about what the concept of a fulfilling career means to you. 

If this is the case, now might be the best possible time to consider a career that allows you to help care for the needs of others and work towards making the post-pandemic world a place that everyone can feel safe in. 

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