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What Jobs Are Safe in The Digital Revolution? 

If you were to get a timeline of the technological advancements made throughout all of history, those made within the last 10 years would prove to be the most monumental ever. Whilst this is incredibly exciting, as technology steadily replaces factory workers and more of our shopping is carried out online, it begs the question as to which jobs will be safe in the wake of the digital revolution? 

The below list has been devised to outline some of the jobs which will continue to be needed for years and years to come, even as technology continues to advance. The jobs have specifically been chosen to not revolve around technology and their importance is a given. 

Delivery Driver 

Though there is currently a push towards creating driverless cars, due to errors in processing and timing, the date that these will be commonplace is a long way off. As online shopping has increased so rapidly in recent years, due to a more streamlined Ecommerce process across the board plus the covid-19 pandemic rendering shopping on the Highstreet limited, a majority of our goods are now being delivered. 

Due to the above, taking work as a delivery driver could be incredibly beneficial. This is a very accessible career as good drivers are able to apply and take to the roads for their job. You would be given a choice to either rent a van from your employers, alternatively, if you would like to buy your own (which is often better in the long run) websites such as John Charles Motor Group sell very reasonably priced vehicles. 

Fiction Writing 

No matter how much AI develops, the level of creativity required to write fiction will never be able to be created by a machine. Though they could learn common patterns in stories, what sells books and films is total originality, which can only be recreated by the human mind. Writers are able to ideate, create, engage and write with style and beauty. All of these components of writing are required in order to create engaging fiction, which is why top tier fiction writers will never be able to be replaced, even in the face of technology. 


Though AI will likely be a tool frequented by teachers, it will never be able to replace them. Teachers are essential when it comes to producing a personalized curriculum for students which revolves around their competence, progress and temperament. Students also engage with an actual person much more than they engage with a machine, which is why they will need a teacher to help them through lessons, rather than AI developed software. 

Criminal Defence Law 

The majority of criminal law is based on the subjective response of the person being charged and as such, representing that individual will have to be someone who can properly process and articulate that subjectivity. AI cannot show empathy and, therefore, will not be able to properly put to a court, judge or a jury why the defendant in question should not or should be found guilty. 

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