Making The Move: 3 Top Tips for Packing Boxes

Did you know moving counts among the most stressful activities a person experiences in their life? There’s a lot of planning and expenses involved.

One of the most exhausting activities is packing boxes. You have to take everything you own, organize them, and pack them on time. Of course, packing is much easier if you work with movers like Mayflower who can help you from start to finish.

But, don’t fret! We’ve got three effective moving tips to help get you started. Continue reading to learn how to pack right and reduce some of the stress of moving:

1. Label Everything

Not sure how to pack boxes without getting confused? If you often forget where things are and which box you put stuff in, use labels.

For one box, for example, label it for things from the kitchen. Label another for stuff from the garage and another for items from the master’s bedroom.

One of the best tips for packing boxes is to pair these labels with a color-coding system. Use blue for the kitchen labels, green for the guest room labels, and so on. Now you can identify boxes and their contents even from a distance.

2. Start Packing Boxes Early

Pack as soon as you know the exact date you’re moving. This prevents you from rushing during the final few days. Start early, work from room to room, and leave time each day so you can rest and recover.

Packing early also gives you time to make adjustments. There might be some items you don’t want to pack and keep, but are also not sure about selling. Now you have time to find a charity center to donate these items to or pass them to family members if they are sentimental items.

You can also pick up great box packing tips from Marie Kondo and her show. One of her biggest advice is to start early and to use the extra time to declutter. Go through every item you own and determine whether it sparks joy or not.

3. Hire a Professional Mover

When packing boxes for a move, make sure you call a residential mover first. Know your exact date of moving so you can schedule days for packing. Also, make sure to ask the mover about what they can move and what they won’t.

For example, most movers won’t agree to transport firearms. This is for legal and safety reasons. Make sure to ask the carrying capacity so you can monitor how much you’ll leave for them to transport and which ones you’ll carry in your vehicle.

Now You Can Pack Smarter and Faster

Moving can be stressful and packing boxes is a lot of work. However, following these three tips will ensure you have a smoother, more relaxing time doing so. Hire professionals, start early, and use labels.

Of course, packing your boxes is only one part of the moving process. It’s also important to learn how to declutter and what to do with the items you won’t keep. Discover some ideas for these concerns and more by reading our other lifestyle guides right here!

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