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3 Tips For Living With a Cat

By Author , in Lifestyle , at July 7, 2021

If you are a cat enthusiast and are considering sharing your home with a feline companion, you may be wondering what the reality will be. Are they as independent as people say? Are they high maintenance? What should I feed them? Are they going to scratch all my furniture? Do not fear; here are some handy tips to consider before starting your cat ownership journey.

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Cats have different nutritional needs depending on their age. Kittens are little and require feeding in small amounts regularly. Look for brands that specialize in good quality food for kittens that provide everything they need. All kitten and cat food should contain enough protein and healthy fat.

For older cats, choose a good brand with the right vitamins and minerals. Unlike dogs, most cats self-regulate and will not overeat. So unless you have a particularly greedy cat, you can leave dry food down, and they will eat when hungry. If your cat is overweight, limit access to food. If your cat has any allergies, you could speak to a vet regarding supplements. The occasional treat is fine too.


Although cats are more challenging to train than dogs, there are certain behaviors you will want to instill in your feline friend. For example, you want to teach your cat to do its business outside or in a litter tray. Cat urine is a foul smell and can ruin carpets and furniture, so how do you train your cat?

Cats like privacy, and they are also naturally clean creatures. Always place the litter box in a quiet area of the house and make sure it is cleaned after each use and changed regularly; this will encourage your cat to use it and prevent accidents. Be sure to use cat-safe cleaning products to avoid harm. Cats vary significantly in size, so you may need to buy several litter boxes if you have a kitten to adapt to their growth. If you feel your cat is a bit shy, you can buy trays undercover for ultimate privacy,  but be sure it is big enough for your cat to fit inside.

If you have a kitten, start training by regularly placing them carefully in the tray. They will eventually adapt and will likely prefer having litter to venturing outside unless you have a super adventurous cat.


Looking after the health of your cat is an essential part of owning a pet. Pets are considered one of the family, and most pet owners endeavor to look after pets carefully.  Registering with a vet is crucial to keep up to date with vaccinations and provide regular health checks. Vets such as provide affordable healthcare with various packages available. It’s an excellent way to plan for the unexpected through monthly payments.

Another vital part of looking after your cat is to provide opportunities to play and stay mentally active. Provide different toys such as mice or feathers to allow them to chase and embrace their natural instincts. It doesn’t have to be expensive; cats love an empty cardboard box to hide in and enjoy play tunnels created with towels or old sheets. You could even get the kids involved and get creative.

You should also invest in a scratching post, especially if you want to maintain your furniture. Cats love to scratch, and it’s the primary way they keep their nails short. You can get some catnip spray (like a drug for cats)  to encourage them to scratch the post.

Living with cats can be a blessing, especially when you see them develop their own unique personality. They can live a long time if taken care of properly.

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