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Riss and Quan Net Worth


If you are interested in knowing Riss and Quan’s net worth, you’ve come to the right place. These two YouTubers have amassed over 2 million subscribers and have an impressive following on social media. The couple also plan to create their own YouTube channel in the future. They have become extremely popular on YouTube, with their videos featuring a witty, humorous, and sometimes serious message.

Love Story

Riss and Quan Roberts’ combined net worth is estimated at $1.8 million. The couple, who have not married yet, launched a YouTube channel in January 2018 to promote their relationship. Their relationship has been hidden from the public for years, but it has recently emerged on the Internet due to a series of prank videos. The couple met at college and remained secretive about their early lives. They attended private schools in the area and have not revealed their parents’ names.


The couple is currently living together, earning a combined $500,000 a year. They are not married and have not yet had children. The couple is not yet married, but they are currently engaged and expecting their first child. Their net worth has increased dramatically due to their success on YouTube. Riss and Quan’s relationship is highly regarded in the internet and has gained an extremely strong following. However, it is not as simple as having a high income and a high number of assets. It is vital to make smart financial decisions.

Unique Content 

The pair have been wildly successful on YouTube since their channel launched in January 2018. They share prank films, challenge videos, fashion videos, and storytimes on their channel. Their videos have gained over two hundred million subscribers, making them estimated to be worth at least $600,000 each in 2021. The two are born in the United States and have been gaining worldwide recognition as influencers. If you’re interested in Riss and Quan’s net worth, consider these facts:

Net Worth

Riss and Quan have made millions of dollars thanks to their YouTube channel. They also earn from brand collaborations and merchandise sales. Their videos receive millions of views, and their social media channels are hugely popular. Their net worth is expected to be over $600,000 by February 2022. The two are parents to two young children. A prank video or vlog is sure to make them famous.


The YouTube channel Riss and Quan has over 1.9 million subscribers. Their channel is estimated to generate approximately $2000 per day, which would amount to $700,000 a year. By the year 2021, their combined net worth is expected to reach $600,000, which is a staggering amount for a couple who have become internet sensations.


The couple have been dating since 2012 and have a high-profile following. They also share the same Twitter account, and are constantly teasing each other’s exes. Despite the fact that Riss and Quan have a significant amount of fans on social media, their net worth remains uncomplicated. Rissa has also landed brand endorsements and video content on YouTube. Currently, she is an ambassador for the lingerie brand Savage XFinity.

Luxurious Lifestyle 

As of June 2021, the couple has over two million subscribers. Their first child is expected in November 2021. The couple also recently revealed that they plan to buy a home in Los Angeles in October 2020. Riss and Quan have a joint net worth of more than $2 million.


The couple’s combined net worth is between $60 and eight hundred thousand dollars.

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