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Robert Sarver net worth is a wealthy American businessperson, with a lot of money, about $850 million. Robert makes money by being a businessman in America. He owns Phoenix Mercury, RCD Mallorca, and an American sports team. He became famous for being a rich businessman who owns a company that builds and sells properties.

Robert Sarver Early Life

Robert Sarver net worth was born in Tucson, Arizona, on October 31, 1961. Robert Gary Sarver came into this world in Tucson, Arizona, on October 31, 1961. His father had a lot of achievement in business. He worked as a businessman, banker, and built hotels. When Robert was only 16 years old, he started working for his father’s company called American Savings and Loan. Robert Sarver finished his studies at the University of Arizona and got a degree in Business Administration. In 1983, he earned the title of certified public accountant. Robert started the National Bank of Arizona when he was twenty three. The bank was previously called the National Bank of Tucson. He sold the bank 12 years later, after it became the biggest bank in Arizona. One year later, he purchased Grossmont Bank, which was the biggest bank in the San Diego, California region.

Robert Sarver Career

Robert Sarver Net Worth


In 1984, Robert Sarver net worth started the National Bank of Tucson (which he made bigger and renamed as the National Bank of Arizona). In 1994, he sold the National Bank of Arizona, which was the largest bank in Arizona at the time, to Zions Bancorporation. In 1995, he bought Grossmont Bank, which was a big local bank in San Diego. Grossmont was sold to Zions Bancorporation in 1997. Sarver, the leader of Zions Bancorporation, bought Sumitomo Bank of California in 1998. In 2003, Sarver became the chairman of Western Alliance Bancorporation, which is located in Phoenix.

Real estate development

In 1990, Robert Sarver net worth started a real estate company called Southwest Value Partners with Millard Seldin. In 1995, they bought a building called Emerald Plaza in San Diego. In 2004, they sold Emerald Plaza and two other office buildings in San Diego to a real estate company called Triple Net Properties for $274.5 million

Phoenix Suns Ownership

He purchased the Suns in 2004 for $401 million, and since then, the team has experienced different degrees of accomplishment. The Suns’ worth has gone up a lot over time, now estimated to be worth around $1.8 billion based on Forbes’ recent evaluation of NBA teams.

During the time that Sarver has been in charge, the Phoenix Suns have experienced both good times and bad times. The Suns were not able to win a championship title, even though they made it to the NBA Finals in the 2020-2021 season and had a great team. But, how well they did during that season showed that they got better as a team and could do even better in the future.

Robert Sarver net worth the boss of the Suns, has made important choices and hired managers that have influenced the team’s path. He played a big role in choosing Monty Williams as the head coach in 2019. Williams has helped the team get much better and reach the NBA Finals for the first time since 1993.

Robert Sarver Phoenix Mercury Ownership

The Phoenix Mercury is a women’s basketball team that plays in the WNBA, which is a professional league. Ever since Sarver bought the team, they have had many good seasons and won three championships. This has definitely made the franchise more valuable and helped increase Sarver’s total wealth.

Lately, people have accused Robert Sarver of bad things, so he said he wants to sell the Phoenix Suns and Mercury.

Robert Sarver Controversies and Investigations

Robert Sarver net worth has been involved in many disputes and investigations during his time in office. A situation arose where there were claims of racism, sexism, and bullying within the group. As a result, an inquiry was started to look into these allegations. A separate investigation was done by a law firm from outside the organization. They talked to more than 70 people who currently work for or used to work for the Suns.

Because of the investigation, the NBA punished Sarver with a really big fine and suspension. He got in trouble and couldn’t play for a whole year, and he also had to pay a really big fine of ten million dollars. He was accused of using a racist word in front of his employees, making disrespectful comments towards female staff, and making the work environment uncomfortable and unfriendly.

Robert Sarver Personal Life

Robert Sarver Net Worth

Robert Sarver net worth got married to Penny Sanders, who is originally from Kansas City, Missouri, in 1996. The pair resides in Paradise Valley, Arizona and they have three boys.

Robert Sarver Age And Height

Robert Sarver net worth is now 65 years old. He was born in Tucson, Arizona on April 25, 1957.

Sarver stands at a height of 1.7 meters.

Robert Sarver Nationality 

Robert Sarver net worth is someone who was born in America and is considered a citizen of the country. He was born in Tucson, Arizona, in the southwest part of the United States. He is from the United States and can legally work and do business here. A person’s nationality is something that makes their country proud when they do well in their job or career. If someone becomes well-known, their country will also be highlighted alongside their name. So, many people naturally want to know which country their favorite celebrities or stars come from.


Robert Sarver net worth is a successful American businessman and investor who has done well in many different fields. He is the leader of Western Alliance Bancorporation, a bank, and owns most of the Phoenix Suns, a basketball team in the NBA. Sarver has also put his money into technology, banking, and real estate, and he has gained a lot of money over his career. The information on his wiki page tells you about his work, the things he has invested in, and the charitable activities he has done.

In summary, Robert Sarver is a business person and investor who has done well in different fields. He has a lot of money, about 85 million, and owns most of the Phoenix Suns, a pro basketball team in the NBA. Sarver’s biography page gives information about his work, his financial investments, and his charitable actions.

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