Maintaining Oral Health During Pregnancy

Tips for Expectant Mothers

Let’s start by calling the beautiful period of pregnancy—’ nine months in the making’. Rightly so, pregnancy is the most unique and exquisite gift of life—to create life. Like with any creation, the journey is bumpy and tricky. The mother bears the largest share of the ‘bump’, quite literally! Taking care of your physical health, and mental wellness and catering to the dental problems during pregnancy will greatly reflect on your and your newborn’s health. Hold on with us as we discuss dental checkups during pregnancy and share some valuable insights about dental care during pregnancy.

Tips for Dental Care During Pregnancy

Pregnant women are always looking for advice. Be it homely tips from family or oral health professional advice, they are always welcome. Here are some of the most needed ideas about maintaining good oral health and visiting the dentist during pregnancy:

  • Brush Twice Daily

This tip is for everybody; you need to brush your teeth two times per day!

Pregnancy witnesses immense hormonal changes. As your estrogen and progesterone play a jazzy orchestra round-the-clock, they make different body parts sensitive, and the gums are one of them. To make things worse, if you allow plaque and tartar to build up, they induce inflammation 2X faster in your already-delicate gums. The result is? Incessant gum bleeds sensitive teeth and cavities.

What can you do?

  • Brush your teeth twice. Brush at bedtime and after breakfast
  • Use a soft toothbrush
  • Swiftly sweep and roll your brush all around the mouth
  • Spend a good 1-2 minutes brushing your teeth
  • Floss Your Teeth

Brushing teeth only cleans the visible surfaces of the tooth. What happens to that chicken shred that has been stuck tightly between your molars since lunch? Yes! You need to use dental floss.

Here is how:

  • Use 6-10 inches of floss thread or floss with a threader/holder
  • Pass it in and out between all the teeth
  • Dislodged the snugly stuck dirt and spit it out
  • Follow it up with brushing
  • Use a Non-alcohol Mouthwash

Once your brushing and flossing ritual is done, pick up a non-alcohol-based mouthwash. This is an antiseptic, anti-plaque, and desensitizing liquid that percolates deep within the gums to clean those areas.

How to use it?

  • Wait 30 minutes after brushing before using a mouthwash to maximize its efficacy. Why? It’s because certain ingredients in a toothpaste can nullify your mouthwash effects.
  • Either dilute it with water or use it raw as directed by the dentist 
  • Swish for a good 30 seconds and spit
  • Refrain from food and water for 30 minutes post mouthwash
  • Manage Morning Sickness the Right Way

Morning sickness can be a real deal breaker in the pregnancy journey. Throwing up and acid regurgitation can cause enamel erosion, leading to sensitive teeth and cavities. Consult your gynecologist and the dentist during pregnancy to control the issue. It is advisable to rinse your mouth thoroughly after every episode of morning sickness to wash away the acids. 

  • Chew Sugar-free Gums Only

Having sugar-free gums, especially gummies that are infused with the necessary vitamins, minerals, and antidotes for nausea, can help.  

Ensure that the gum is free of sugar and does not contain high amounts of citric acid to prevent tooth erosion, enamel loss, and cavities. 

  • Manage the Cravings

The nine months of pregnancy see a lot of hormonal turmoil that can cause incessant, irrelevant hunger pangs. You may have sweet cravings or a dying desire to dig into some fried junk, pizzas, and fries and feel like munching on them all.  But you have to figure out and learn to minimize your indulgences in sugary, fried foods and fizzy drinks. Remember to always rinse your mouth sufficiently to remove the loose residual food deposits after any snack. 

  • Nourish Yourself Well

A balanced diet is vital for healthy gums, strong teeth, and the proper development of the baby. Make sure to include umpteen amounts of protein, good fats, and micronutrients in your daily diet to get your daily dose of nourishment and stay fit.


Apart from food, you should also drink enough water to hydrate yourself adequately to prevent any hormone-related dry mouth issues. 

  • Visit the Dentist Regularly

This goes without saying! Going to the dentist during pregnancy is a must. Never miss your routine dental check-up with the family dentist, and follow all of the post-procedure instructions and food restrictions carefully. Your dentist can spot a dental issue in its initial stages and treat it early. This saves you from emergencies.

A vital part of dental care during pregnancy is tooth cleaning and polishing. Also, known as scaling, this procedure helps you get rid of deep-seated tartar and deposits and keeps the gums healthy. 


Dental care during pregnancy should be among the top five items on your health checklist. From oral hygiene care at home to a routine dental check-up, always make sure to be up-to-date with it. With scientific studies showing poor oral health affects labor and childbirth, it’s time to buckle up about your dental status. 

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