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roxana elizabeth caro elenes

Roxana Elizabeth Caro Elenes

Roxana Elizabeth Caro Elenes is the daughter of drug lord Rafael Caro Quintero and his ex-wife Maria Elizabeth Elenes Lerma. They had four kids: Hector Rafael, Henoch Emilio, Mario Yibran and Roxana Elizabeth.

Caro Quintero was arrested by Mexican marines on 15 July 2022. He was a major trafficker of methamphetamine, heroin, cocaine and marijuana.

She is the daughter of Rafael Caro Quintero

The daughter of Rafael Caro Quintero, Roxana Elizabeth Caro Elenes has been involved in the drug business. Nevertheless, she has managed to build her own life.

Her husband is Jes Briseo Gomez Espaa, and they have two children together. She is also a member of the Guadalajara Jockey Club, and competes in Jalisco Equestrian Association events.

Moreover, she is an aspiring model. She is also a singer, and has appeared in several shows.

Her father is a renowned Mexican drug lord who co-founded the Guadalajara Cartel with Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo and other drug traffickers in the late 1970s. He is currently 69 years old and has an estimated net worth of $650 million.

She is married to Jes Briseo Gomez Espaa

Roxana Elizabeth Caro Elenes is the second daughter of Rafael Caro Quintero and Maria Elizabeth Elenes Lerma. She was born on January 17, 1978, and she is 42 years old right now.

She is married to Jes Briseo Gomez Espaa and they have two children together. She is a Mexican national and she has white ethnicity.

Her parents separated when she was a young girl, and she was raised singlehandedly by her mother. She has three siblings; an older brother called Hector Rafael and two younger brothers named Henoch Emilio and Mario Yibran.

Hector is a talented equestrian who represented Mexico in the Olympic Games of 2008 in Beijing. He is a member of the Guadalajara Jockey Club and participates in competitions organized by the Jalisco Equestrian Association as well as the Mexican Equestrian Federation.

Hector’s family is suspected of involvement in Caro Quintero’s money laundering network, and he has been arrested on several occasions. He has been charged with multiple counts of money laundering and is currently being held at the Federal Detention Center in Guadalajara.

She is a drug lord’s daughter

Roxana elizabeth caro elenes is the daughter of Rafael Caro Quintero, a Mexican drug lord. She was born in Mexico on January 17th, 1978 and is 45 years old at the moment.

The DEA has arrested her and has linked her to Rafael Caro Quintero’s network of illegal activities in the US. They have also accused her of being a key player in the murder of US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) agent Enrique ‘Kiki’ Camarena Salazar.

According to the DEA, her and her family’s finances have been linked to Rafael Caro Quintero and his criminal activity. The DEA has seized a number of companies belonging to her and her family.

In 2013, the DEA listed her and her children on its list of Designaciones Especiales, stating that they were involved in money laundering. Some of the companies she and her family owned/managed are: El Bao Mara S. de RL de CV, which makes and sells bath and beauty products; Pronto Shoes, SA de CV, a shoe company; and Hacienda Las Limas, SA de CV, a resort spa.

She is a singer

Roxana elizabeth caro elenes is a singer and actress who was born in Mexico on the 17th of January, 1978. She is the second of her parents’ four children.

Her father is Rafael Caro Quintero, a well-known Mexican drug lord who founded the Guadalajara Cartel. He also serves as the current head of the Caborca Cartel in Sonora.

Although her father is infamous, she managed to keep her life out of the limelight. She married Jes Briseo Gomez Espaa, a businessman who is also a friend of her father’s.

She is a good singer and actress, but the most impressive thing about her is that she is not a part of her father’s illegal businesses. As a result, her life is pretty much all about her own terms and nothing else. The best part is that she is very popular in her home country of Mexico. So, if you are looking for a singer that can be your new BFF, then Roxana Elizabeth caro elenes is the person you should be talking to!

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