Review Samsung Impression SGH-A877

Messaging phones were big news in CTIA 2009 and AT&T’s Samsung Impression, aka the Samsung SGH-A877, fast emerged among the very talked-about handsets in the series.

Using a brilliant screen, an intense multimedia feature set, and a keyboard that is broad, it provides just about everything you would need from a messaging handset.  And even though we did not examine the telephone at CTIA, that was reasonably great. We did envision it as our very best phone of this series.

We had a few complaints, but on the whole, it is among the most acceptable AT&T phones we have seen in some time.

The Impression is $399 if you pay full price or $199 with support and a mail-in rebate.


From the Exterior, the Samsung Impression Looks like the LG Xenon. It’s a similar form, and the keyboard feels roughly the same. We were glad that it was not another recycled layout of this Samsung Rant.  The screen is bigger and more lively, and the controllers are somewhat comfier. Additionally, it is slightly larger (4.48 inches by 2.28 inches broad by 0.61 inches heavy ) and thicker (5.3 oz ); however, the Impression includes a sturdy, ergonomic feel in hand. The dark blue color scheme almost appears black, and we enjoy the curved borders; collectively, they provide the phone an eye-catching allure. As an active-matrix organic light-emitting diode screen.

it’s a sight to behold with its vibrant colors, bright images, and sharp cartoons. In 3.25 inches, it is only over the minimum dimensions which we need from a touchscreen phone, but it also provides lots of space for the majority of functions. The screen is more responsive, and we welcome that visual feedback. You can alter the calibration and also the degree of the feedback. The screen’s base are three signature controls to your phone dialer, the contacts menu, and the primary menu. The interface to your phone dialer includes large amounts along with also a shortcut for the Pictures menu. It is also possible to use the typical 10-button keypad to tap text messages out, but we are unsure why you would want to.


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