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Sarah Aspin Net Worth – Who is Sarah Aspin?

Sarah Aspin is a woman who is best known as the wife of Blake Fielder-Civil. She is an American actress and singer who has an estimated net worth of $ $10 million.

She is also the mother of two children – Jack Fielder Civil and Lola Jade Felder Civil. She and her husband met at a rehab center where they were both drug addicts.

Blake Fielder-Civil

Despite having been married to the late Amy Winehouse for two years, Blake Fielder-Civil is still struggling with life after his former wife’s death. He was rushed to hospital last week after choking on his bed, and is currently in a medically induced coma.

Born on 16 April 1982 in Northamptonshire, England, Fielder-Civil is a TV personality and video production assistant. He is best known for being the husband of the late singer, Amy Winehouse, who died in 2011.

After a whirlwind romance in a Camden bar in 2005, Fielder-Civil and Winehouse became inseparable. She got ‘Blake’ tattooed on her chest within a week of meeting, and he got ‘Amy’ inked behind his ear, too.

However, their marriage was plagued by rumours of infidelity and drugs use. After assaulting a pub landlord in 2008 and trying to bribe a witness not to appear in court, Fielder-Civil served 27 months in prison.

Since then, he has been married to Sarah Aspin and has two children. The couple has a combined net worth of over $100,000.

Net Worth

Sarah aspin is one of the most successful actresses in the world. Her starring role on Sex and the City helped her earn a large fortune.

Her income has come from a number of sources including acting, product placements, and endorsements. She also owns her own fashion line.

As a Sagittarius, she is always on a quest for knowledge and can light up any room with her exhilarating tales and infectious laughter.

She has a large net worth and enjoys a lavish lifestyle. She has invested in luxury real estate in New York.

Despite her wealth, she has a long history of abuse and addiction issues. She has been in rehab for eleven years and currently lives with her boyfriend, Blake Fielder-Civil. They met in 2009 and have been in a relationship ever since. It’s likely that her boyfriend will help her to stay clean and sober. Hopefully, this will make a positive difference to her life.


Sarah Aspin is a British actress, singer and songwriter. She is currently married to Blake Fielder-Civil, who is best known for his role as the former husband of Amy Winehouse.

Sarah and her husband Blake met in rehab when they both were drug addicts. After getting clean, they decided to get married and have two children together. Their children are Jack Fielder-Civil, who was born in 2011, and Lola Jade Felder-Civil, who was born April 2013.

Besides being a mother, Sarah also works as an executive at Capital One. Her current job focuses on forensic accounting and anti-money laundering investigations.

Moreover, she is an aspiring actress and singer who is looking forward to make it big in the entertainment industry. She has also been working for a decade in raising money for young patients suffering from cancer in memory of her sister Amanda. This year, she is preparing for 10 charity challenges including shaving her head and cycling the Coast to Coast route.


Sarah Aspin is not a married woman yet. However, she has a long-term relationship with Blake Fielder-Civil. She met him in 2009 when they were both in rehab for heroin addiction. They have since moved in together in a flat in Sheffield. They are also parents to two children, Jack Fielder-Civil and Lola Jade Felder-Civil.

Aspin is a former actress and model who is known for her witty and well-researched social media posts. She is also a singer and has been active in the music industry for more than a decade. She is of American descent and holds an interesting name: Sarah Aspin. She is considered to be a savvy businesswoman and has a large net worth. She was spotted in a few celebrity magazines, including Rolling Stone. She has also starred in several films. Besides, she has a huge Instagram following and has been praised for her fashion sense. She is also known for her sexy tweets and videos.

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