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Kendrick Lamar – Closing His Glastonbury Set With His Song ‘Savior’

As the only rapper to ever receive a Pulitzer Prize and be deemed as a savior by the black community, Kendrick Lamar is seen as one of the most influential artists in the game.

But in the song “Savior,” Lamar reveals that he doesn’t want to be a savior to black people, or even be their role model. Instead, he wants to heal himself.

1. The Crown Of Thorns

In an end-of-show chant, rapper Kendrick Lamar ended his Glastonbury headline set with a powerful protest against the roll-back of abortion rights in the US. Closing his song ‘Savior’ from his latest album Mr Morale & The Big Steppers, the rapper chanted “they judge you; they judge Christ” as blood trickled down his face from a crown of thorns he had been wearing on the stage.

The performance – which was filmed live from the Pyramid stage – is a starkly political one, examining a variety of themes including guilt, loyalty, power and prejudice. The rapper also reflected on his own flaws and self-awareness.

2. The Lambo Body

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3. The Lambo Body Interlude

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4. The Crown Of Thorns

In his closing act at the Glastonbury Festival last night, American rapper Kendrick Lamar made a bold statement in support of women’s rights. Wearing a crown of thorns, fake blood ran down his face as he repeatedly chanted “Godspeed for women’s rights,” before storming off stage.

The rapper’s performance was a response to the Supreme Court’s recent decision to upturn Roe v. Wade, which ended almost 50 years of constitutionally protected abortion rights in the US.

His rap performance drew attention for its dramatic aesthetic, combining a frenzied performance with an intensely personal theological message. At the heart of his lyrics is a contrast between the flawlessness of celebrity figures and his own flaws, in the song Saviour, on his latest album Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers, which is his first full-length release in five years.

The crown of thorns that he was wearing at the festival, is a custom-made piece of jewellery, designed by Kendrick’s creative collaborator Dave Free and jeweller Tiffany & Co. It contains 8000 diamonds and took 10 months to design.

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