Secure Business Software To Get Paperless Board Meetings

No or unorganized agenda, unplanned interaction, and inefficient use of time are some of the major reasons behind a failed  board meeting. In fact, failed or unproductive meetings push the management to more meetings in order to achieve the desired outcomes from a board members’ interaction, which ultimately leads to frustration.

However, it would be wrong just to blame organizers because online board meetings are harder to manage. That’s because there are only a few meeting management solutions that allow organizers to plan and conduct meetings as desired. One of those solutions includes virtual boardroom software.

How is virtual board software different from other options? Board management software focuses on one major factor — automation, which saves time and keeps everything on track. Here is how.

How Board Management Software Makes Meeting Efficient

Online board meetings are trendy now as they are a cost-effective option, yet they are difficult to manage. Here is how board software makes meetings productive and efficient.

Centralized Board Document Management

The organized and easily accessible board material is the first step to efficient board meetings. An organized and centralized document repository not only helps during meetings but also simplifies the agenda-building process. That’s because it is easy for organizers to access past meeting minutes or other data if needed for agenda building.

Virtual boardroom software is a cloud-based digital board meeting management solution that allows storing, sharing, accessing, or distributing board documents online. As it stores data centrally, it allows meeting organizers to:

  • Prepare board books easily because of the availability of all the data in one place
  • Take input from expected meeting members and the chairperson
  • Circulate meeting agenda and other documents easily with concerned members

Streamlined Pre-Meeting Preparations

Pre-meeting preparations can be frustrating and time-consuming for the organizers in the absence of modern-day meeting management tools. For example, sending invites, asking for recommendations, distributing meeting agendas, and then making changes waste precious time.

However, board management software makes everything look effortless and fast. Here is how board secretaries can streamline pre-meeting preparations:

  • Prepare a monthly, quarterly, semiannual, and yearly calendar for board members, so they know about expected board meetings in advance. It allows members to prepare well.
  • Use built-in meeting agenda templates or create a new template via agenda builder.
  • Share the agenda with expected participants, ask them for recommendations, get it signed by the presiding member or meeting chair and then distribute it to all members again. The board portal will immediately notify concerned members if there is any change in the meeting agenda.
  • Share board packs before the meeting and define the role of every participant. Almost every standard boardroom software has a task manager feature that allows organizers to delegate tasks and track them.

Automated In-Meeting Activities

Most of the virtual board portal solutions make sure you don’t have to use plugins or external applications for board meetings. For that purpose, they either have their own built-in video or audio meeting tools that at least provide integration to Zoom or similar tools.

In addition to that, virtual board software makes meetings smooth in the following ways:

  • Boardroom offers easy access to any board document during board meetings without even closing the video screen.
  • The meeting chair can set a timer for every member to make their contributions. It minimizes time wastage as every member will be better prepared to deliver their presentation in the allotted time. Many virtual boardrooms have built-in presenter tools.
  • Any meeting participant can share a document on the video screen and even points out the relevant text under consideration to all members.
  • Members can propose a resolution and cast votes electronically. They can cast their votes anonymously.
  • If there are any contracts or agreements to be signed, members can do it via the electronic signatures feature in the board software.

Easy-to-Manage Post-Meeting Activities

Similarly, the post-meeting activities are easy to manage through board software. Once the meeting concludes, organizers can finalize meeting minutes and ask the chair to sign them. Secretaries can then distribute meeting minutes with participants and absentees and archive them for future use.

As you can see, board portals facilitate meetings at all stages. Check out how users review the efficiency of board portals and what they share about the specific solutions at:

Benefits Of Board Portal Software

Board management software is not limited to board meetings only — they are beneficial in other ways too. Here are some of them:

  • Board portals have the latest communication tools for board members to communicate regularly. They can create chat groups or use chat messengers for end-to-end private conversations.
  • Virtual boardrooms are regularly used as deal management tools. Corporate boards use them to communicate with external business entities.
  • The board software is a paperless meeting solution that reduces paper, printing, and meeting expenses by a huge margin.

The biggest benefit of board software is that it gives you all the meeting management, data management, and deal management tools in one place — while making all stages of meeting preparation and delivery, as well as post-meeting collaboration a breeze.

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