Seven Trendy beach outfits to try

Summer means a trip to the beach. It can be you enjoying a relaxing day at the beach while reading a book. Or enjoying swimming in the beautiful blue water. Or you might plan a beach vacation to enjoy the water for at least a few days. Whatever the case, you need to plan your outfits. Packing swimwear with a few dresses and shorts will not cut it. Plan a proper outfit for different occasions. For instance, if you plan to just sit and relax on the shore reading a book, you need a casual outfit. If you plan to attend beach events like concerts, you need a breezy but dressy outfit. Confused? Do not be! The blog will share a few complete outfit ideas that are trendy. Copy these ideas to be comfortable while you make memories.

Boho beach outfit idea

Planning to soak up the sun? Then a bikini is ideal for it. However, you can make it extra chic by adding a floral cover-up. A beachy coverup in a floral pattern adds a Boho look to the two-piece. If the coverup is floral, the two-piece should be floral, too, for a cohesive look. Complete the outfit by adding a wide-brimmed hat and minimalistic jewelry like a necklace and seashell bracelet. For footwear, go with comfortable beach sandals or flip-flops.

Beach cover-up using maxi dresses

Swimwear, whether one-piece or two-piece, is ideal for relaxing on the beach or going for a dip. But if you feel like covering up while you enjoy reading a book or sipping a cocktail, add a cover-up. The cover-ups also help show off the swimwear without glaring at the eyes. It feels appropriate while you walk around, too. There are many options when it comes to coverups, like a kaftan. However, the best ones are maxi dresses. A maxi beach coverup is sheer, so it gives a coverup but still looks stylish. Pair it with a light choker, hat, shades, and flip-flops.

Summer beach outfit for strolling

Do you plan to stroll around the beach? Then maybe a maxi cover-up is not the best outfit. You need an outfit that is versatile for strolling and for eating. Go for a comfortable but chic outfit, like a white shirt. Pair it with a solid-colored top (straps, a tank, or even a tee will do). Pair it with comfy sneakers, a hat, funky bracelets, and a long neckpiece to complete the outfit. Lastly, wear a denim jacket in case it gets cold in the evening.

Beach outfit for hopping

Are you planning to enjoy the beach, go to a restaurant, go shopping, and then go to the beach again? You need a transitional outfit for a day of hopping from beach to beach and back. So start with a one-piece swimsuit. Layer it with a pair of denim shorts, and you are done. Add a hat, sandals, a few accessories like hoop earrings, and a few bracelets. When you want to go for a swim, remove the hat, sandals, and shorts. Dry off in the sun and add the shorts again to enjoy the restaurant or shopping time.

Beach vacation outfit

The plan for the day is to go to the beach and have fun with friends. Then you can wear a cute beach vacation outfit. Take out your best denim shorts, a breezy patterned top, sunglasses, a hat, dangling earrings, flip-flops, and a beach bag.

For date night

Having a date at a beachside restaurant, Try wearing a black or white dress. Add heels (take them off if you decide to walk on the beach; naked foot walking on the sand is the best). Add a cute pendant and earrings, and ensure you do something pretty with your hair.

Day date

For a day date, try an off-shoulder dress, strappy sandals, a hat, a fringe beach bag, and sunglasses. Do not forget to add a long neckpiece and sea-shell dangling earrings.

Look cute, stylish, chic, and comfy with these outfit ideas. Always carry a few extra outfits, as if you decide to go for a dip twice a day, you will need extra swimwear. And walking on the beach, relaxing, or having a date night also requires perfect outfits. If you have any more ideas, comment below.


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