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Sharon Mae Lubin


The first wife of Bob Dylan, Sharon Mae Lubin, has been credited with giving the singer his name. She also played a major role in dramatics productions at Lincoln College, where she met Frank Alesia. The yearbook lists him as the top actor of the year. He also received the arts award. After marrying Alpert, they moved to Carlsbad, California.

Herb Alpert

Herb Alpert was the co-owner and partner of A&M Records. He was the first to use the label to release songs. Herb Alpert was one of the first to use the name. His career exploded, and he was praised for his contributions to the music industry. He was an enduring inspiration to many musicians, and he was one of the most influential musicians of his generation.

Split from Husband 

A three-year-old Los Angeles Magazine profiled Herb Alpert, who split from his wife of 53 years. In 1969, he suffered a psychological breakdown and sought out trumpet teacher Carmine Caruso in New York. Herb eventually reformed the Tijuana Brass and expanded his solo work. He and Sharon Mae Lubin had two children and a granddaughter. The two married in December 1973, and they had a daughter, Aria, in 1975.

She died due to Cancer

Sharon Lubin was born on May 26, 1946. She died on May 25 after a brief fight with pancreatic cancer. She is survived by her husband of 53 years, her two children, and her grandchildren. She was a teacher and Union activist in New York City, where she was a member of the Teachers’ Union. She marched in several protests and worked at a music school. She is a great inspiration to many.

Member of New York Teachers Union

Sharon Mae Lubin was born in 1946 in New York. She was a high school sweetheart and married her longtime partner, Herb Alpert. The couple had two children together. She was a proud member of the New York Teachers’ Union, which made her an activist in the music industry. Herb and Sharon Mae had two children together. Their relationship continued to be rocky for many years after they separated.

10 Dollars to a Huge Empire

She had a son named Dore and a daughter named Eden. She was an American actress and mainly known for her role in the TV show  Sitcom Friends. She had many successful projects in her acting career. In 2001 she realized that she had a talent of running a business when she saw some samples of plastic clogs in a trade show. Then she came to know that a lady was selling her whole inventory of samples for $10. She bought 400 pairs when she went home she thought that she needed another mold to attract investors. She went and asked the original designer but she refused. She realized she can do it on her own .And now, this newbie with hardly any money to spare was willing to pay for the whole process. The shoes were sleek and virtually undetectable on the feet. And they had a unique, bulbous shape that didn’t look like traditional clogs.


After a long battle with pancreatic cancer, Sharon Mae Lubin passed away peacefully at home with her family. She is survived by her husband of 53 years, Alan. She is also survived by her two children and grandchildren. She was a proud teacher and a Union activist. She marched in several protests, including the historic 1964 Women’s March in New York City. Herb Alpert’s father, Herb Alpert, and the legendary musician, Herb, were married in 1969.

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