Shikiri Hightower Has Lost Her Daughter Maia Johnson

Shikiri Hightower, a social media influencer from California, has lost her daughter, Maia Johnson. She was only 25 years old. Her death is not yet known. While she founded a luxury fashion boutique in Beverly Hills, she also worked odd jobs to help pay the bills. The cause of her death is still under investigation. But she’s certainly not a loser. Her YouTube channel has a huge following, and her content has landed her many deals.

Hightower was born in 1980 and is 41 years old. She attended the University of Southern California and graduated with a Master of Arts in Television Journalism. She was also married to Keyshawn Johnson, a former NFL player, until his untimely death in September 2008. She is also a mother to two children with her ex-husband, a football player named Keyshawn Johnson. The two were married in September 2008 and have two children together.

Shikiri Hightower, a graduate of Tulane University, has been in the limelight since the death of her eldest daughter, Maia. The former NFL player and his ex-wife met while they were still in school. She later met Ming while studying for her Master’s degree in business. While she had a prestigious career as a journalist, she wanted to change the negative stereotypes associated with Chinese goods.

Shikiri Hightower and Belah Gaskin have been together for 12 years. Her two children were born three years apart and were not related to each other. Their parents divorced in 2002. The couple co-parent their youngest son, Keyshawn Jr., and their daughter, Maia, who is 25 years old. The cause of their deaths is still unknown. She is now married to her new husband, a fashion entrepreneur named Alex Gaskin.

Hightower’s net worth is estimated to be about $1 million USD. She has spent time living in Long Island, Dallas, and Tampa. Her daughter, Maia, was born when she was a college sophomore, so she adopted a “personality” that would be true to her. In addition, Shikiri Hightower also enjoys watching soccer. While her net worth is uncertain, she’s been busy building her celebrity brand in the past couple of years.

Shikiri Hightower is a social media influencer. Her husband, Keyshawn, is a businessman, and they have two daughters. She has a family of her own. Besides, she also has a large number of followers on Instagram. However, despite being married to Keyshawn, she has been married to Belah Gaskin for seven years. The couple has two daughters.

Initially, Shikiri and Keyshawn were married for 12 years, and they had two children. After separating in 2002, Shikiri and Keyshawn had another child, Maia, who was their only child. The pair had three daughters together, and she and her husband were a couple. The couple split in 2002. After a decade of marriage, they had two daughters. One daughter, Maia, is now a college student.

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