Should Every Business Hire a Security Officer?

For businesses, security is important. The right security measures will keep every aspect of a business safe, which includes protecting its employees from harassment and attack, safeguarding its wares and revenues from theft and preventing damage and vandalism to its premises. Businesses utilize all sorts of security tools and techniques, from locking doors to installing cameras — but should they go so far as to hire security staff?

In truth, it depends. Here are a few reasons why a business might be interested in working with security guard companies to increase security and safety around their organization.

The Presence of Security Personnel Will Deter Crime

Most criminals are not masterminds, but neither are they morons. Someone interested in benefiting from a crime is unlikely to perpetrate said crime when they know a security officer is on-site, ready to apprehend them. Though most crimes against businesses are not as meticulously planned as heist movies would have consumers believe, most criminals will take the time to look for risks, like security cameras or personnel, before they steal, vandalize or otherwise harm a business.

Thus, if a business has suffered significantly from crimes of opportunity in the past, it might be worthwhile to post a more meaningful security presence for would-be criminals to see. Security officers seen at the entrance to an establishment or patrolling the premises are likely to deter criminals, most of whom do not want to risk any type of conflict with figures of authority, let alone fines or jail time for their deeds.

Security Workers Can Improve Public Perception of the Business

It should go without saying that not every customer interested in visiting a business is a criminal. Still, customers generally appreciate seeing security personnel when they visit a business. Security guards help spaces feel safer not just for business staff but for customers, who are almost equally at risk of assault or theft in certain establishments. Knowing that there is professional security on-site to protect the innocent will elevate the reputation of the business and encourage more loyalty from clients and customers.

Plus, security guards can be valuable members of a customer service team. Some organizations operate out of shared buildings that require visitors to check in through a security desk. In addition to being the first face many customers or clients might see when visiting a business, guards can provide useful services, like escorting customers to their transportation at night or directing them to certain departments in a large business mall. If a business can train its security staff to perform customer service tasks properly, it can further improve its reputation.

Security Worker

In-person Guards Immediately and Efficiently Handle Issues

Many businesses are tempted to invest in security cameras instead of security guards, but in many cases, this is a mistake. Cameras might capture evidence of crimes and the criminals who perpetrate them, but they do essentially nothing to interrupt the crime as it is taking place. Worse, many cameras are nothing more than props, and knowing this, criminals are not as deterred as they would be seeing a living, breathing guard on the premises.

Security personnel are trained to handle all manner of security issues, from invasions to thefts to assaults and more. Instead of expecting employees to react appropriately to an ongoing crime, businesses can rely on the training and experience of guards, who should be able to keep everyone safe with quick, efficient responses.

Some Businesses Are Particularly Susceptible to Attack

There are some businesses that should always consider the benefits of hiring dedicated security services, to include:

Controversial businesses. Many businesses offer controversial products or services, which makes them prone to attack by those who disagree with their operations. Security guards can keep clients and customers safe while warding off the most dangerous attackers.

Popular businesses. The more customers a business receives, the more likely it is to suffer from crime. Security guards help regular staff monitor the masses of visitors to keep everyone and everything safe.

Luxury businesses. Luxury goods are immensely desirable, which makes luxury businesses major targets for criminals. Businesses that deal in exceedingly valuable products or services can suffer significantly from even the smallest loss. Thus, security personnel are often stationed on-site.

Not all businesses need in-person security, but many do. Knowing the benefits of professional security services, business leaders can make the right choices to keep their employees, their customers and their business safe.

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