Skilled Trade Jobs in Demand for 2022

With 2022 more than halfway over, the year’s job outlook doesn’t look much different than it did at the start. Although many industries are facing shortages, one thing is for sure, skilled trade jobs are in high demand and will continue to remain so for the foreseeable future. Many people are getting back into the workforce routine and may need direction on where to invest their time and skills. For 2022 and beyond, expect several types of trade careers to see continued growth. 

Some industries expected to show significant demands include computer and mathematical occupations, construction occupations, healthcare occupations, social services, community occupations, and personal care occupations. This is not a comprehensive list, but these areas offer many opportunities for different skilled trade jobs. Skilled trade job trends tend toward technological advances and a younger workforce.  

Computer and Mathematical Occupations  

Computer and mathematical occupations include information security analyst, application developer, web developer, and software developer. If you’ve ever used an app on your smartphone or bank online, chances are you’re experiencing something designed by someone in this skilled trade. 

Computer and mathematical occupations are projected to grow significantly in the coming months, meaning hundreds of thousands or even a million jobs will be available by the end of 2022. While a college degree isn’t essential for many of these jobs, the demand for some formal education will grow as the need for computer, and mathematical occupations grow. 

Construction Occupations 

Due to the recession from 2007-09, skilled labor in construction sharply decreased. This has created an ongoing shortage of skilled workers in this industry. As many in the sector reach retirement age or even opt for different careers, the projected growth for the industry is 21.4%. That’s a massive number, showing incredible demand. 

This skilled industry may include careers such as boilermaker, construction and building inspector, electrician, and masonry worker. Many trades are currently operated by an aging workforce – meaning the nation will soon see a serious shortage. These people keep the world running comfortably and safely every day. Typically, the education for a construction career doesn’t require anything besides a high school diploma, but experience and a training program will likely be necessary to perform some of these jobs.  

Installation, Maintenance, and Repair Occupations  

These trades include everyday needs such as mechanics, medical equipment repair, telecommunications installation and repair, and aircraft technicians. These people help us communicate and get places each day. While many of these careers require only high school education, some may require specialized training or trade school.  

While there are quite a few additional jobs projected for 2022, this may be due to those leaving the workforce for retirement. More often than not, these skilled trades are seeing a high demand for a younger workforce. HVAC technicians are a specialized part of the installation, maintenance, and repair occupations, relating specifically to environmental control.  


HVAC is one such industry that is evolving quickly as technology changes. Installation, maintenance, and repair occupations and careers are expected to grow 9.6% in 2022, including HVAC jobs. This may not seem like a massive number, but in actuality may be something like tens of thousands of new jobs throughout 2022.  

HVAC, or heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, is a highly skilled occupation that uses various technologies to control the indoor environment of both commercial and residential spaces. This can mean heating and cooling, air purity, and humidity. If you want your work or living space to feel comfortable, an HVAC specialist is who you need. These careers in heating and air are growing, making room for more HVAC training programs and trade schools.  

Training for HVAC careers would include learning how to: 

  • Read blueprints, as well as other specialized schematics 
  • Design and layout low voltage electrical wiring and how to install it 
  • Troubleshoot issues that may arise with an HVAC system and improve that system’s performance 
  • Acquire the knowledge to clean and replace ducts when necessary  

Trade Education Offers Immediate Opportunities  

HVAC training programs, construction work, and jobs in repair and installation all offer potential students recession-proof career options. By taking part in these programs, you’ll have the opportunity to work with others in the industry and acquire fundamental skills that an employer will find desirable. 

Programs such as these mean students will not just learn in a classroom. They will have the opportunity to receive hands-on, personalized training according to their skill set. What may be most important, however, is that, unlike traditional four-year degrees, graduates from such programs can find immediate work and will be well-compensated for their skill and hands-on experience.


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