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Slim Thug net worth is a musician from America who has a total value of $2 million dollars. Slim Thug, whose real name is Stayve Jerome Thomas, was born in Houston, Texas on September 8.1980. He got his nickname when he was a teenager because he was very tall and skinny. He is now 6’6″ tall. When he was 17 years old, he began doing improvised raps at social gatherings. In the late 1990s, he began his profession with Swishahouse records. He quit the record company and began his own called Boss Hogg Outlawz. Thug bought two music stores and also worked in buying and selling properties. His first album Already Platinum came out in 2005.

The album did not reach the Platinum level, but it achieved Gold certification. It became the top song in the United States. Rap is a genre of music that is very popular and has reached the top spot on the Billboard Hot 100 and US R&B charts. Thug has put out four albums. He is most famous for helping make Mike Jones’s song “Still Tippin’. ” Thug’s most well-known melodies are “I Ain’t Listened of That” and “So Tall”. He gotten an MTV Video Music Grant in 2006. Thug has collaborated with famous singers like Pharrell, T. I, BoB, Gwen Stefani, and Beyonce.

Slim Thug Early Life

Slim Thug net worth was talented in rapping right from the start. He used to do a lot of freestyle raps during high school and also made his own mixtapes. He never imagined that someday he would become a famous rapper. He is only causing damage to the roads in the place where he lives. Music artist Michael Watts from Swishahouse first discovered his talent in the 1990s. It’s a collection of songs and I was featured as a special guest. Since then, he began his career as a rapper. After collaborating with Swishahouse, he discovered that he made a lot of money from selling his mixtape, which allowed him to pursue it as a full-time job. So, he left Swishahouse on better terms.

Slim Thug Professional life, Career

Slim Thug net worth worked very hard and passionately and has brought an enjoyable style of hip hop music to the world. He became famous in the world of hip hop. The first album he released, called ‘Already Platinum’, was very successful and broke many records. It reached the number 2 position on the billboard charts in the US. He made this album with a company called Star Trek entertainment and records. It has sold more than 135,000 copies. This music made a big difference in his life. He first started his music career with Swishahouse. But then he attempted to create his own music label and joined forces with his deceased friend E. SG to form the band called ‘Boss Hogg Outlawz. ‘

It took him 2 years to become successful, but he was still famous. After that, he released a very successful album. He worked together with rapper Lil Keke. He also released another album called ‘The Big Unit’ that he worked on with someone else. He released a song called ‘Boyz n Blue’ for the first time that he sang with someone else. In 2005, Slim decided to release his first album with the help of Pharrell Williams as his mentor. Jay-Z, TI, Bun B, Jazze Pha, and Pharrell were invited as special guests. At the same time, The Neptunes helped make the record. In 2007, he began making another album called “Serve and Collect”. It was a collaboration album, and now he had to work on a second studio album called “Boss of All Bosses. ” This helps him in his career and adds to slim thug’s total worth of money.

In 2008, after he finished recording songs by himself, he then worked on a fifth album with other musicians called ‘Back by Blockular Demand’. After finishing Serve and Collect, he decided to shift his attention and collaborate with Bun B, Mannie Fresh, Chamillionaire, and Scarface on his second solo album. The album “Boss of All Bosses” came out on March 24th in the United States. This is all because he worked hard and had a positive attitude.

Slim Thug List Of All Slim Thug Albums

Love angeles.musik baby.2004

Already Platinum · 2005

Boss of All Bosses · 2009

Tha Thug Show · 2010

Hogg Life, Vol. 2: Still Surviving · 2015

Welcome 2 Houston · 2017

King of the Nawf · 2019

THUG LIFE · 2020

Down In Texas · 2020

Thug’s Total Net Worth

Slim Thug net worth has made around $3.5 million dollars throughout his career. Since Thug lives in Georgia, he had to pay approximately 37% in taxes on the money he earned throughout his career. After subtracting taxes, his total earnings from his career are estimated to be about $2.2 He had to pay approximately $1.3 million dollars in taxes.

Slim Thug may have used $800,000 of the money he made from his job. However, he also made $450,000 from investments. He will also need to pay about $500,000 for expenses related to his business. So, it is believed that Slim Thug has around $1.3 million dollars in total.

Slim Thug’s Home 

Thug owns a home in Cypress, Texas. 

Slim Thug Nationality

Slim Thug net worth is a rapper from Houston, Texas, and he is American. Nationality means the legal and political identity that shows which country a person belongs to. Nationality can be obtained when you are born in a country or when you become a citizen of a country. It gives you certain rights and benefits in that country, like being able to vote, work, and get help from the government.


Slim Thug net worth is an American citizen which has allowed him to become a successful artist in the music industry in the United States. He has also been able to start his own businesses and do charitable work in his community. Because he is an American citizen, he can enjoy the rights and freedoms protected in the U.S. The Constitution and Bill of Rights include things like the freedom to speak your mind and the right to gather peacefully.

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