Smile Now Cry Later Meaning


Laugh Now Cry Later meaning has become quite popular, and is something everyone should know. This popular phrase was coined by late rapper 2Pac, who had it tattooed on his body. It refers to enjoying the moment and dealing with pain later. Apparently, the meaning has become a way of life. Here’s what the saying means. We can learn more about it by reading on. Here’s a brief explanation.

Trendy Decoration Art

The popular phrase has also created a trend in decoration art. Many artists use custom die cut stickers to create unique designs of smiling clowns and crying clowns. Many people like to stick these patterns in the room, in the car, or on the phone case. In their eyes, in addition to the exquisite pictures, they appreciate the concept behind the pattern.

Famous Tattoo Phrase

“Smile Now Cry Later” is a common phrase in tattoo art. Tattoos with the phrase are popular among people of all ages. It’s a witty, clever way to convey a message. It’s also a common design. Most tattoos with this slogan feature images of clowns and cars, both of which represent the concept of smile now, cry later.’ Aside from the lyric’s positive connotations, it’s also a good way to commemorate the loss of a loved one.

It’s Origin

It’s not clear how the phrase came to be derived from ancient Greek theatre masks, but it’s likely that it came from this type of tattoo. It’s also derived from a gang’s name. The term is commonly used in Latin gang tattoos, which are often associated with a particular gang. A tattoo with this phrase can be a representation of a certain lifestyle, such as an exuberant life. However, the meaning is ambiguous, and there’s no way to be certain.

Controversial Message

The “smile now, cry later” message was used in the context of tattoos and tattoo art in the 1990s. Though the phrase has no official origin, it has become extremely popular among Latin and Asian gangs. Despite its popular usage, it’s still a controversial message. It’s not surprising, then, that it was popular in prisons. In prisons, it suggests that prisoners should stay strong and live in the moment, as this is important for their release.

Different perspectives of the Phrase

Although the phrase has no official origin, it has become popular in tattoo art. Some tattoos with “smile now, cry later” are often used as a symbol for prison inmates. It suggests that they’ll stay strong while in prison, but may cry later when they’re free. The phrase can also be a commemoration of the death of a loved one. It is a good choice for a tat, and it’s a universal expression of strength.

For Prisoners 

While it’s widely accepted for its ‘smile now, cry later’ meaning, it has a more modern meaning. In this case, the term has a positive connotation. It implies that people should be strong while they’re in prison and may feel more vulnerable afterwards. For instance, in a sentence involving a criminal, the sentence of the prisoner is more severe than that of the murderer.

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