Some Best Movie Download Sites for Free & Legal Streaming

Watchinga movie is the perfect way for grabbing convenient and quick entertainment for most people. As many think that nothing good comes free, cinema enthusiasts are always looking for incredible sites for downloading movies for free. But you need to be cautious against the illegal sources for movie download and here you are introduced to some free movie download websites which you could use for entertaining yourself legally.

There are several legal and reliable sites like thepirateproxybay that offer free TV shows and movies; you could check out the list of good sites for legal and free sports and music streaming as well.

Watch TCM

It is a platform that offers the maximum number of free movies for downloading, documentaries, and TV shows for free to all users. With this amazing program, you would get access to all video content that is available on this platform. The best part is that you can even connect it to a D2H (satellite subscription) or to your cable TV network.

TCM could be used easily on platforms like iOS, Apple TV, Android, and many others. Since this program could be used on all big platforms, it is a top priority list of several users always.

Public Domain Torrents

Public Domain Torrents

As you can make out from the name Public Domain Torrents is one of the safest torrent files for downloading. Most of the time, if a user downloads anything from a torrent, there are more chances of getting harmful viruses on the device which are used for this purpose.


Another best movie download free site on the list is Classic Cinema Online. The users could feature thousands of TV shows, web series, documentaries, and of course movies on this website. All the content which is available on this great platform is free of cost to use. The users could watch easily and also download all the content that is available on Classic Cinema Online.

It offers a superb variety of movies that are based on Sci-Fi, Music, Action, Comedy, Family, Horror, Drama, and all the other kinds. The website can save the movie names in the history section. It is really beneficial if you want to watch the movie once more or to refer your friends.



Choose this website for downloading new movies, free of cost. The website also contains an enormous library of famous movies in full HD that makes it the best destination for movie lovers who don’t like watching popular movies in theatres. Besides offering faster access to hundreds of amazing HD movies download links free, this website provides a wide choice of famous PC games like Call of Duty: Battlefield 4, Black Ops, Grand Theft Auto V, FIFA 14, and many more. The only drawback it has is the availability of a huge number of intrusive pop-up adverts which can cause unwanted redirects to third-party sites.


Choose for giving access to download all the newly released TV shows and movies to the user for free. The quality offered at this website is best always, whether you consider the video quality or audio quality, both are praiseworthy. TV shows and movies that are available on this site are free of cost and are quite safe for downloading, like the pirate proxy bay.

The best part of is that all users are not required to register, for watching their favorite TV shows and movies. And even no personal information is needed to be shared at this site for accessing the content.


It is another great website for the best free movie download and streaming TV shows and movies of all types. The users can easily find both paid and free content on this platform. In the starting, you can enjoy the content free that is available on this site and if the user likes to upgrade then also that option is there.

The interface of iFlix is easier for understanding and it even helps the users to decide which movie to select. Users can shortlist the movies on various parameters and choose the best ones.

If you want to download the latest movie files, use an efficient and trusted website like thepirateproxybay, since it is an authentic as well as a reputable source.

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