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As one of the most popular Instagram stars, Sommer Ray has always been linked to other lesbian celebrities. The actress has been dating her long-time friend and business partner Max Ehrich since 2017. Both have remained tight-lipped about their relationships. In November 2017, the two were seen sharing a tongue kiss on the internet. While there is no history of their relationship, the rumors are definitely true! This is a revealing sign that she is gay!

According to Sommer Ray’s biography, she is a lesbian and has dated the famous YouTuber RiceGum. Her real name is Bryan Lee and she is Vietnamese. The rumor was based on a photo shared by the two people, where they were spanked. Later, Sommer denied dating RiceGum and is now happily single. Her net worth is estimated at $4 million. She was born on 15 September 1996 and has a height of 1.68 meters.

Her work life is a mixed bag. She has dated a number of famous men, including Cole Bennett and Max Ehrich. She has been romantically linked to many men, including Justina Valentine and Bryan Le. She has also collaborated with Amanda Cerny, whom she met through a mutual friend. She is a contributor on the “OHoney” podcast series on YouTube. She has a tight schedule due to the numerous jobs she receives.

The popularity of Sommer Ray has led to her becoming a leading YouTube star and model. The 25-year-old is now dating a man named Cole Bennett and has a large following on social media. Her pictures are viral, and her videos have been watched more than 60 million times. She has also appeared in various television shows, including The Bachelor. Despite her many followers, she is a controversial figure and has faced controversy throughout her career.

Despite her many controversies, the 26-year-old model is in a loving relationship with her boyfriend, Cole Bennett. She is currently dating a man named Jason Snipes. The couple is married and has three children. It has been reported that the two are currently dating. There is no other information available about their relationship. It is unclear if Sommer is a lesbian. Nevertheless, it is worth noting that she is a very open and accepting person.

She is the daughter of a bodybuilder and a mother who is a social media influencer. Her father died when she was young and her mother is a professional model. Her brother and sister are also close to Sommer, but they were not born together. The two had a long-term relationship, and her boyfriend was a lesbian. The couple’s relationship ended when the actor was in the middle of a shoot.

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