Spend That Dough: 3 Things The Rich Like to Spend On

While those who earn an average amount of money every month spend it on groceries and paying bills, people with millions and even billions spend it on luxurious things or what they call “the best things in life.” They say that money could not buy everything, but I guess these people have not experienced having enough money to call themselves rich.

Rich people have an extraordinary method of spending their millions. Some spend it on self-improvement, others splurge to experience things. But for many of them, buying expensive things gives them joy. In this list, we will tackle the costly things only rich people can buy. Not because I want you to envy them, but to motivate you to strive hard.

Luxury Watches

We all value time and we all want to make the most of the time we have in this world. To do that, we should always be aware of time. Of course, if you are just an average citizen, a regular can do the job. But that is not the focus of this article, let’s go back to the expensive version of things. For crazy rich people, a regular watch is not enough. But instead, they buy luxury watches.

Luxury watches are not your regular timepiece. The best horologists in the world make these watches. This is why you can make sure that they are excellent at what they are supposed to do. And what better brand to use as an example than Patek Philippe. It is famous around the world to be one of the best companies in watchmaking.

Yes, they are expensive and can range from $50,000 to $500,000 and sometimes even more. That is because they would spend so much time and effort making their timepieces, and on top of that, they use some of the best quality materials and precious stones in creating them like diamonds, rubies, gold, titanium, and more. That makes buying it worth it.

Lastly, because Patek Philippe is one of the oldest watchmaking brands, many people choose them because it is a well-established brand. For wealthy people, having one of their timepieces is not enough. Because of its contribution to the history of horology, rich watch connoisseurs collect them.


A vehicle to many isn’t just a tool that will help them reach their destinations. Some people see their cars as a status symbol. That means the more expensive and powerful the vehicle, the better because, after all, it is a representation of who and what type of people they are. You may think that these rich people are show-offs, but what can I say? They have the capability.

There is a big difference when driving a regular car and supercars. The design of these supercars is out of this world. They buy these luxurious cars not only to reach their destinations fast but also to impress. Rich people need to impress the people around them because that is how they gain respect.

Comfort is another reason why many wealthy people collect supercars. The chairs of these cars are made from the softest foams on the market and the most excellent leather you can find. Some of them are even customized to perfectly fit the body of their owner for added comfort.

Rich people would spend from $100,000 to $100,000,000 and more to buy the best supercars on the market. To some, it is too much, but for people who can afford them, it means that they can go places in a very fast vehicle while sitting on a very comfortable chair inside their car.


It is the dream of everyone to settle down, even in a simple house together with our family. But that dream for rich people is too low. For them, a huge mansion is a dream to be pursued. After running a multimillion company, it is rewarding for them to go home in a big house where everything they need can be found.

One main reason why they need this in their lives is that they have so many things. That perhaps is one of the problems rich people face every day. They need all the spaces to store their money, expensive bags, designer clothes, cars, and so much more. See, not only poor people have problems.


We all want to be rich, that is not a secret. Not only because we want to give our family a good life, but also because we all dream of being able to buy and experience the best things in life. It is not wrong to aspire for that kind of living, but always remember that you should attain your dreams in an honorable way and work hard without stepping on anybody’s toes.


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