Steve Rubell Net Worth

Steve Rubell’s entrepreneurship skills have earned him a fortune. He co-founded and owned the legendary nightclub Studio 54 in New York City. The legendary nightclub attracted high-profile clients and guests, including Elton John, Michael Jackson, Cher, and Donald and Ivana Trump. It was also the home of famous disco clubs, such as Studio 54. Despite its humble beginnings, Rubell was able to turn the establishment into a multimillion dollar enterprise.

The Rubell family collection comprises thousands of works by 30 artists from all over the world. It is one of the largest privately owned collections in the world. The Rubell Family Collection was founded in 1993 in a former Drug Enforcement Agency confiscated-goods facility. Eventually, it transformed the area into an arts district. Rubell’s early life can be seen on Wikipedia. As a teenager, he worked as a doorman at an upscale Miami nightclub, where hundreds of eager rejects waited outside.

Despite his young age, Rubell studied business at Syracuse University. While studying, he met Ian Schrager at Sigma Alpha Mu fraternity. Rubell then joined the National Guard. After his service, he worked for a brokerage firm. Later, he decided to start his own business. He founded two Steak Lofts restaurants in New York City and one in Mystic, Connecticut. As a result, Rubell’s net worth has grown significantly.

Rubell’s net worth is estimated to be $115 million. His egotistical response to a question about his success at Studio 54 caused the club to fail. The charges of tax evasion and obstruction of justice eventually resulted in Rubell spending three and a half years in jail. Despite the stinging legal penalties, Rubell is still very popular. And his net worth has only grown in recent years.