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Steve Will Do it Net Worth

Steve Will Do it  net worth is believed to have around $6 million in 2024. He has become very popular by making fun videos where he does challenges like eating a lot of food, drinking a lot of alcohol, and using cannabis. SteveWillDoIt became famous because he has a popular YouTube channel and is active on social media. He joined NELK Entertainment and gave them many expensive cars and jewelry. SteveWillDoit was on Daniel Tosh’s TV show ‘Tosh. 0’ in 2019, among other things.

Early Life

Stephen Deleonardis was born in Oviedo, Florida on August 26, 1998. As he got older, he was very outgoing and made a lot of friends because of his friendly personality. However, as he grew up, Deleonardis began to drink too much alcohol and use drugs, which caused him to leave school.

Career Of Buisnes

Deleonardis started a business selling custom T-shirts and other things on the internet when he was 18 because he enjoys business. Deleonardis is getting more popular online, so now he is starting some businesses in real life. He started a clothing brand called Nelk Boys with his friends and fellow social media stars Kyle Forgeard and Jesse Sebastiani. Because Deleonardis is involved with alcohol, he also started his brand of drinks called Happy Dad. The brand is a type of alcoholic drink that comes in fruity flavors.

Social Media Career

In 2017, Deleonardis started his social media career with the name SteveWillDoIt. He posted videos of himself drinking, partying, and doing wild stunts. He picked his username to show that he would do any challenge his followers gave him. At first, Deleonardis put up his videos on Instagram. In 2019, he started posting videos on YouTube and got a lot of people to watch him. Deleonardis became famous for making videos of himself drinking a lot of alcohol, smoking weed, and eating a ton of food. In a video, he quickly ate 30 In-N-Out burgers. In other videos, he ate 100 McDonald’s chicken nuggets, drank a bottle of vodka very fast, and drank a gallon of milk in less than an hour. Deleonardis made a very popular video where he ate 4500 milligrams of THC. He has gained about four million people who follow his videos on YouTube.

NELK Entertainment

Steve really loves cars and has a lot of really nice ones. To thank his fans, he has given them lots of great gifts. An example of his kindness is when he gave a devoted and enthusiastic supporter a Tesla Model X to show his appreciation. Ford Mustang GT, which is a type of sports car. Kyle Forgeard, the NELK founder, was given an Audi RS 7 as a gift. Deleonardis has also given expensive watches and jewelry to people connected to NELK.


Deleonardis has become famous online, but there has been some controversy surrounding it. Many people have criticized him for encouraging too much drinking and partying, including Demi Lovato. In 2019, Deleonardis got in trouble for not behaving well in Ohio. Additionally, he can’t go to many bars and clubs because he acts too wild.

Personal Life

Steve and the famous Celine Smith broke up after four years of dating. However, Steve said on his YouTube channel that they have made up and are dating again. In 2021, Deleonardis put a video on YouTube to show everyone his girlfriend, Celina Smith. Ever since he first talked about her on his channel.

Height And Weight

SteveWillDoIt is approximately five feet five inches tall and eighty-five kilogram in weight,

Social Media

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Car Collection

No surprise, Steve likes the best things in life. The person who is famous on social media has a Rolls-Royce Cullinan, a Lamborghini Huracan, and a special McLaren in their garage. In all, his fancy car collection is worth about $2 million.


SteveWillDoit is really good at coming up with cool and interesting ideas and sharing them with everyone through his videos. Because he is very good at what he does and works very hard, he has become a well-known content creator. Being SteveWillDoit is just one of the many things he has done in his career. SteveWillDoit has done many things in his career, and being him is just one of them. SteveWillDoit keeps getting bigger and proving that anything is possible. SteveWillDoIt has shown that he is not just successful in entertainment, but also good at using his online fame to make money.

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