Steven Pressfield Net Worth – How Much Will He Earn From YouTube in 2020?

Steven Pressfield is an American author and screenwriter who writes non-fiction, historical fiction, and screenplays. He is an extremely popular social media celebrity, with a massive fan base. He frequently posts videos and personal photos, and engages with his followers. Pressfield has written 34 screenplays, six of which have been filmed. His most popular works are Gates of Fire and Last of the Amazons, which both hit the top of the best-seller list and were #1 in their respective countries.

In 2018,Steven Pressfield net worth was estimated at $5.00 million. The next few years are expected to bring in even more money for this Writer. His earnings will continue to grow, and his net worth will be a high percentage of his current salary. It’s difficult to estimate his net worth, but he’s likely to have a very high figure by 2020. Listed below are his estimated salary and income in 2020.

How much does Steven Pressfield earn from YouTube? His YouTube channel,, was founded over 13 years ago and has since posted 57 videos. Pressfield’s videos are posted in categories including Society, Knowledge, and Lifestyle. The language and price of his content may determine the revenue stream. Other potential sources of revenue include product sales and sponsored content. If you’re curious about the estimated net worth of Steven Pressfield, consider that he’s a California native.

Before becoming an author, Pressfield published several screenplays. In 1986, he wrote King Kong Lives. The following year, he wrote Above the Law, which was directed by Andrew Davis. Another film that featured Pressfield was Freejack, starring Will Smith, Mick Jagger, and Anthony Hopkins. Another movie, The Legend of Bagger Vance, was made into a movie starring Matt Damon.

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