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Talisua Fuavai Fatu

Proud Mother and Wife

Talisua Fuavai-Fatu is the wife of WWE Superstar Solufa Fatu and mother of three wrestlers. She was born on 28 April and married Solufa on December 26, 1981. She is a grandmother and a great housewife. She is known to have a great relationship with her husband. The couple is currently living in Pensacola, Florida.

Devoted Mother

Talisua Fuavai-Fatu is the daughter of Samoan wrestling legend Solofa Fatu and is the mother of Rikishi and Sefa. Talisua Fuavai-Fato is a homemaker and devoted mother to her children.

Fatu’s Career

Fatu began her career in Montreal, Canada, where she worked for the Lutte Internationale promotion. As a high-flying babyface, she often teamed with top-tier faces in the territory. In 1986, she teamed with her cousin Samula Anoa’i to wrestle in the World Wrestling Council’s (WWC) Puerto Rico. The pair went on to win the WWC Caribbean Tag Team Championships.

Samoan Swat Team

Samu and Fatu were part of the Samoan Swat Team, which became known as The Headshrinkers. They fought the Von Erich family and Michael Hayes in the World Class Championship Wrestling Association (WCWA). After a few years, Fatu was promoted as a positive character and returned to television. However, her positive image was never fully realized. The Samoan superstar gained the WWF Championship on March 1, 1993, but he was not able to defeat Bret Hart because of interference from Samu.


After being repackaged, Fatu fought for the Intercontinental Championship. He has also been part of the Samoan Wrestling Family, alongside The Rock and Wild Samoans. He has a scar from a drive-by shooting incident and has had many managers. The name Fatu means heart in Samoan. But his name is not the only thing that made him successful on the WWE stage.

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