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Tamara Day is an actress, painter, and writer. Born in 1976, she has a height of 1.68 m and weighs 55 kg. She started her professional life as a young girl by renovating properties. She has since gone on to star in television shows such as ‘Bargain Mansions,’ which was featured on the DIY Network. She has also appeared in several other television shows.

Tamara Day was born on August 20, 1976, in Kansas City, Missouri. Her parents were Ward and Trish Schraeder, who were both educators. She grew up with three sets of kin and developed a love for arts and creativity as a child. At the age of sixteen, she graduated from Kansas State University with a degree in correspondences. She is a slim and beautiful actress, and she’s now trying to lose weight.

Day was born in Kansas City, Missouri, and has four children with her husband. She was raised near three sets of kin and is a practicing Muslim. She lives in Leawood, Kansas City, with her husband. She attended Kansas State University and earned a degree in correspondences. She is 5 feet 5 inches tall, weighs 62 kg, and has dark brown hair. After completing her education, she began renovating houses and a reality show called “Bargain Mansion” made her a star.

In 2017, the star weighed 62 kilograms (137 pounds) and is now a petite 132-inch tall model. Despite her large body, her skinny figure shows that she has taken a special diet for her health. She lost about 10 pounds in a year. She was able to maintain her body weight at this size and is now in her early thirties and looks beautiful. It’s easy to see why people admire her so much.

Despite her celebrity status, Tamara Day still looks incredibly slim. Her body weight is only 62 kilograms, or 137 pounds, and her weight is barely noticeable. This is a remarkable achievement for a celebrity as thin as she is. She’s definitely on her way to achieving her goal of a healthy weight. Even better, she looks like the actress she was once. If you are wondering if she’s overweight, keep reading to find out more about her diet plan.

Tamara Day is 5 feet 5 inches tall and weighs 62 kilograms (137 pounds). During her career, she has been a successful businesswoman, a mother, and an actress. She has been a star for more than two decades, and has been a major contributor to the industry’s popularity. She has a very enviable height and is a model’s favorite.

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