Terry Bradshaw Heart Attack

Is He Fine?

The legendary football quarterback, Terry Bradshaw, has been undergoing tests today as he prepares to undergo a heart procedure in Dallas. The NFL star and his wife have denied reports that Bradshaw had a tumor attached to his heart. Bradshaw’s heart has been a source of discomfort for years. Last week, the quarterback was diagnosed with chest pains and was scheduled to travel to Dallas to see the Eagles play the Cowboys. Now, he will miss his second straight game.


In the 1970s, Terry Bradshaw became a household name, helping the Pittsburgh Steelers win three Super Bowls and establishing himself as one of the best quarterbacks in NFL history. Although his playing career was over, Bradshaw continued to work in the entertainment industry. His baseball glove-sized hands were well-known to football fans. He was an exceptional athlete, and one of the most popular athletes of all time.


Bradshaw’s wife Charla Hopkins became his attorney. His daughter Rachel Bradshaw is an actress and singer. She starred in “Nashville” in the 1990s. She married a Tennessee Titans kicker, who later died in a car accident. The youngest daughter, Erin, is an equestrian and World Equestrian Champion. She calls herself the “mom” of John Simon.

Struggling with Depression 

After retiring from the NFL, Bradshaw revealed that he had been struggling with depression and anxiety for years. He often cried after a bad game and would often feel depressed. He sought help after suffering from depression. He was diagnosed with clinical depression and put on an antidepressant called Paxil. However, his heart problem has continued to plague him and has been closely followed. He has undergone multiple knee surgeries in the past.

After Retirement 

After retiring from the NFL in 1983, Bradshaw suffered from depression and anxiety attacks. He had difficulty socializing and interacting in an international environment. As a result, he had trouble interacting with his teammates in the NFL and with people outside of it. However, his heart problem did not stop him from continuing his career as a TV analyst for FOX NFL. He often talks about his heart attack and depression.


His career was characterized by a constant battle with depression. He won four Super Bowls in six years and led the Steelers to eight AFC Central titles. He was a two-time Pro Bowl MVP and was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1989. He has since been diagnosed with clinical depression and has started taking medication to balance the serotonin levels in his brain. He died in February of 2009 at age 57.

A Football Coach

Despite his heart condition, Bradshaw was able to resume working as a football coach for the Pittsburgh Steelers. He won the MVP award in Super Bowl XIV, passing the ball to John Stallwarth for 73 yards. Terry Bradshaw also started the Pigs for Jesus Foundation, which fed over 600 kids in Texas during its first week. Later, the organization changed its name to Food for Families. In Africa, Bradshaw contributed $45,000 to a project called Waterboys.

Passion for Football

Bradshaw was considered one of the best college football players in the country in 1969. As a junior, he accumulated 2,890 total yards and led the team to a 9-2 record, including a 33-13 victory over Akron in the Rice Bowl. In his senior year, he gained 2,314 yards and led the team to an 8-2 record. Though Bradshaw had to sit out several games that season, he still managed to finish as the most valuable player in the NCAA.


In addition to being a football commentator, Bradshaw appeared on numerous TV shows as himself. He hosted two Digi-Bowl specials on Fox Kids in 2001 and 2002 and he was also a part of the first NFL season on Fox. He also rode Dale Earnhardt on the first two Daytona 500 races and died in the crash. In addition, he was a co-host of the annual Terry Awards.

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