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How much money does Oliver Pocher have?

According to Welt, Oliver Pocher spoke out about his assets for the first time in 2008. Even then, the entertainer is said to have been a millionaire. To date, however, there is very little information on exactly how rich the comedian and father of five children is. The entertainer knows how to market himself and collects huge fees when he participates in TV shows. In 2019 Pocher danced at the RTL shop Let’s Dance. In 2020 Pocher will start his new RTL contract with his own production company “Pool of Brainz” (up to 1 million euros per year). Up to six PrimeTime shows are to be produced. The cherished Oliver Pocher’s assets are 8 million euros.

With the income from TV shows for a fortune

Income from Oliver PocherAt the time, the German star stated that he a good one million euros per year, some of which flowed into his coffers from ARD. But he would still have to pay taxes and of course he would have expenses. The entertainer also announced that he would save a large part of his income or invest in real estate. Not only did he live there, but also his close relatives. The moderator recognized this lucrative investment opportunity early on. It seems as if Oliver Pocher could manage his money very well. The new show came in 2020 Pocher and papa on their travels on TV. In this format, Oliver and Papa Gerd Pocher were sent on vacation to distant countries and accompanied by the camera. The show could be seen on RTL. Of course, Pocher senior and junior also received good salaries for participating in the format. This enabled Oliver Pocher to further expand his fortune.

But a little luxury is also allowed. It is reported that Pocher has driven an Audi R8 at least in the past. In general, however, the TV personality is not known for a particularly dissolute lifestyle. Incidentally, the comedian didn’t just earn his living with various TV programs. Because the electronics giant Media Markt is likely to have paid Oliver Pocher a hefty sum for the various commercials. This Fees could even be in the six-figure range have totaled. With such lucrative advertising deals, Pocher can increase his fortune even further. Even as a singer, Oliver made a lot of money with “Black and White”. Because when this song is played in the football stadium, the cash register rings for the native Hanoverian every time – and it will stay that way in the future.

Beef with other stars as a PR machine

Pocher has already staged several celebrity mud battles on his social media channels and converted them into lucrative show deals on RTL. But his victims also earn a lot of money in the process. Of course, however, Oli’s coffers sound too and his fortune grows and grows.

Oliver Pocher RTL
Pocher vs. Wendler“Was broadcast on March 1st, 2020 on RTL and 4.22 million viewers followed the show live in front of the screens. Not only the social media followers of the two fighters, but also those of their two wives rose sharply. In addition, the renewed “Fame” also boosted the pop singer’s music sales.

2013:All on the little ones“: The duel against Boris Becker was broadcast on October 25, 2013 on RTL. (3.95 million viewers). In addition to the fee, which the former tennis star can use, the sales of his biography were also greatly boosted at this time. The dispute was not settled even after the show and Pocher provoked Becker again and again with various actions against him in the following years, so that a court order against Pocher was obtained in December 2019.

We are excited to see which celebrity will be his next victim.

Oliver Pocher and the women

Oliver Pocher's feesIn recent years, however, Oliver Pocher has drawn attention to himself less with his fortune and more with his love life. In fact, it seems as if he has already dated the “Who’s Who” of German celebrity ladies. With one of them, namely with Sandy Meyer-Wölden, with whom Pocher has not been together since 2013, he even has three children. The successful comedian was previously in a relationship with Annemarie Warnkross. She has now married Wayne Carpendale.

Pocher’s relationship with model Monica Ivancan lasted from 2005 to 2009. He then met the future mother of his children, and this relationship should break up after four years. The relevant media reported in November 2013 that Oliver Pocher and Sabine Lisicki are a couple. At the time, Pocher had only been separated from his Sandy for a few months, which caused quite a stir.

In fact, the tennis player and the TV star presented themselves as a couple back in December 2013. However, this relationship did not last and the split was announced in March 2016. Since then, there have only been rumors of Pocher’s possible relationship with Sarah Joelle Jahnel (known from the jungle camp 2017), which the comedian has vehemently denied at times.

You can see the model Amira Aly at Pocher’s side since 2016. The 14 years younger Austrian with Egyptian roots enchanted the comedian. The relationship itself wasn’t made public until November 2018. On October 19, 2019, the couple tied the knot in the Maldives to the “yes-word”. The first baby together was born in November 2019 and the second baby at Christmas 2020.

Curious facts about Oliver Pocher

Oliver Pocher's fortuneOliver Pocher is highly valued as a comedian, but his career so far has also had a few controversies. For example, in 2005 he recommended to a viewer in the audience of “Wetten, dass …?” That she should undergo cosmetic surgery. The lady then sued and demanded Compensation for pain and suffering equal to 25,000 euros from the star. Despite Pocher’s apology, there was ultimately no out-of-court settlement. However, he had to pay only 6,000 euros to the injured party on a court order.

With Günter Jauch in “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire”, however, the actor was able to make far more positive headlines. He had bet on his own mind and promised 100,000 euros for a good cause out of his own pocket if he could not answer the 1 million euro question in the celebrity special of the format. In fact, he was the first celebrity candidate to do the correct answer to the million dollar question could deliver. The money he won was in turn donated to McDonald’s Children’s Aid and the Per-Mertesacker Foundation.

Incidentally, Pocher has also been active on YouTube since 2014 and has around 55,000 subscribers there, who have earned him more than 12 million views. However, the canal has been idle since 2016. Of course, this is no comparison with the number of viewers he regularly reaches via Instagram, Facebook or even on TV. A presumably racist joke that was put on Pocher’s cap in February 2014 was also very effective. The victims of the joke were Kim Kardashian and husband Kanye West. This joke even bothered the Austrians, as it caused a scandal at the world-famous Vienna Opera Ball. As a comedian, however, it is not surprising that one or two faux pas can hardly be avoided.

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